Canada PR Visa from India – Benefits and process

Those who are looking forward to having a great career in one of the best countries in the world will opt for Canada PR Visa from India. Canada has remained the dream destination for many people in India from past several years. The popularity of this country is growing by the day. This is evident from the fact the number of applications for permanent resident visa to Canada has increased phenomenally in the past few years.

The many reasons why people opt for Canada!

If you go through the list of positive points about Canada you will realise why people want to apply for Canada PR Visa from India.

  • This is an immigrant friendly country. The visa norms of Canada are immigrant friendly. Canada has a number of different visa categories in order to encourage more number of people to apply for Canada PR Visa from India.

  • You need not be worried about the safety part if you are in Canada. This country has good law and order situation. It is an absolutely safe country.

  • The quality of life in Canada is amazing. You will enjoy staying in Canada.

  • The infrastructure, educational and social facilities are very good. Even medical facilities of the country are good.

The many advantages of Canada PR Visa from India:

If you manage to get the Canada PR Visa from India then you can enjoy several benefits.

  • You will get some really good social and medical benefits

  • You need not be worried about the safety as you get protection from the Canadian law.

  • You can stay anywhere in Canada and you can stay for as long as you want. Only make sure that you get your PR card renewed at regular intervals.

  • You can apply for citizenship of Canada.

Understanding the procedure to apply for Canada PR Visa from India:

  • You will have to select a visa category in order to apply for Canada PR Visa from India. There are many visa categories through which one can apply for the permanent resident visa.

  • After selecting the visa category you will have to submit the documents like medical certificate and character certificate. For skilled workers there will be other documents that will have to be submitted. This includes skills assessment reports, education credential report and language test results.

  • It must be noted that each visa category will have its own specific requirements. These will have to be fulfilled by the candidate.

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IRA immigration will be able to guide you in a systematic way. Their immigration experts will advice you on the selection of the visa category. They will tell you about the different formalities. They will make sure that you have a seamless experience while applying for the Canada permanent resident visa.

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