Canada PR Visa from India! Apply Now!

Canada PR Visa from India! Apply Now!

Canada is truly a mystical place. This is one place where you can expect to get some of the best opportunities to work and grow in your career. This is one of the main reasons that many people want to move to Canada. But in order to migrate to Canada you will need Canada PR Visa from India. In order to get this visa you will have to follow a particular procedure. Only then you can manage to get the visa.

What is the procedure to get the Canada PR visa from India?

One of the most important things is the selection of the correct visa category. There are a number of different visa categories through which an Indian can apply for Canada PR Visa from India. There is the express entry program using which the skilled professionals need to score points and then the selected candidates will get an invitation from the Canadian authorities to apply for the visa. Then there are categories like the sponsorship program, the provincial nominee program etc. The applicant will have to choose the correct visa category.

The applicant is expected to submit different documents like the language test scores, medical certificate, moral certificate and other such documents in order to apply for the visa. It has been found that Indians due to their better qualifications and good English speaking ability are able to get the visa for Canada with more ease as compared to people of other nationalities. In addition to these documents it has been found that each visa category will have its own specific requirement which needs to be completed,
So, the most important thing here is selecting the correct visa category. Now this can be very confusing for a person who has no knowledge about applying for visas etc. It is therefore always better to seek expert advice. The applicant can always get in touch with a good visa consultant who has good knowledge about all the different categories and formalities.

Consult IRA immigration:

One of the best visa consultancy service providers is located in Delhi. This is IRA immigration. This visa consultancy service provider has dedicated team for Canada visas. They have all the required knowledge about visas and the procedure that one needs to follow in order to procure this visa. They have been providing the best services in visa and immigration from past several years.

When you first approach IRA immigration for Canada PR Visa from India they will first understand your exact requirement and they will tell you which visa category you need to select. Based on this they will also tell you about the different documents and the different formalities that you need to fulfill in order to get the visa to Canada. Based on all these inputs the applicant can confidently apply for the visa for Canada. If you too are thinking of migrating to Canada but have no idea about the procedure and other formalities then just get in touch with IRA immigration.

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