Canada PR Points Calculator

Canada PR Points Calculator

Canada permanent resident points calculator is determined using a point based system known as Express Entry Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS). The Canada express entry CRS is designed to identify potential immigrants who will not face any difficulty financially in Canada. The system includes factors like age, education, English or French proficiency and previous work experience.

Factors and points given are as follows:

  • Age
Maximum points under age are 110. The country prefers applicants that are young and in their youth stages. Applicants above the age of 45 do not score any significant points under age. The points are higher if the age is between 28-37(with a spouse). Accordingly the points are given.

  • Level of Education

Under level of education, maximum points awarded are 150. Higher points are rewarded to applicants who have excellent education qualifications. Applicants having good qualifications and not having any spouse or relative in Canada can be awarded 150 points as well. With a spouse or a relative the points can go up to 140. Applicants who have not completed their high school are awarded zero points.

  • Language proficiency

Applicants can achieve maximum of 160 points under the category of language proficiency. The immigration officers consider this factor as one of the important factors since the ability to communicate in Canada’s national language is a must. The language proficiency of French and English is determined in four phases: speaking, reading, writing and listening. Again if the applicant is without a spouse, he/she can achieve the maximum points i.e. 160 while applicants with a spouse can achieve 150 points.

  • Work Experience

Previous work experience in Canada gives the applicant an edge over others in the program. The maximum points awarded in this category are 80. Applicants with a spouse are likely to achieve 70 points while the ones without the spouse can achieve 80.
Level of education of spouse is also considered while awarding the points. A maximum of 10 points are awarded if the spouse has excellent educational qualifications.
Similarly, language proficiency of spouse is taken into consideration as well. A maximum of 20 points are awarded to the applicant if his/her spouse is good in English and French.

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