Canada Permanent Resident visa from India

Canada Permanent Resident visa from India

Generally, Indians prefer to apply Permanent Resident visa to Canada for various reasons. Some of the reasons are this country offers a high-standard living, better career growth, stable economic conditions, flexible immigration process, and so on. Moreover, if you wish to obtain Canada Permanent Resident visa from India, you can approach any popular immigration programs to complete it successfully.

Even though if you are not a Canadian Citizen but wish to settle in Canada, you will be a PR Visa holder only after immigrating yourself to Canada with the help of the immigration process. Those who reside temporarily in Canada will not be given PR card.

Some of the benefits of getting Permanent Residency in Canada are:

  • They can stay, study, or either work in Canada permanently.
  • They can able to receive all the benefits as like other citizens of Canada such as Health insurance and more.
  • They will be wrapped under the Canadian Law and Orders.

Documents needed to apply for a Permanent Resident visa in Canada from India

  1. Academic degree certificates.
  2. Documents related to Sponsors, if any.
  3. IELTS or other Language Examination Results.
  4. In order to support the application, there must be any proof for the fund’s document to be submitted.
  5. ECA letter (Educational Credential Assessment).
  6. All other original documents, copies of the originals, etc. which supports your application letter.
  7. Any other certificates related to Academics.
  8. Documents related to personal Identification.
  9. Additional Fees and all other documents which support your application.

Applying under several categories will let you get Permanent Resident in Canada. Some of the few categories are:

  • When applying as Skilled Immigrant you will get PR in Canada. It is selected based on your education, communication skills, work experience, respective age, and with some other factors.
  • When applying sponsorship from your relatives in Canada you will get PR easily. Your relative must be of age 18 or above and he/she must be a citizen of Canada. Then, they can sponsor you under this program to get PR in Canada.
  • When applying as a Self-Employed, you will get PR in Canada. For example, if a person who belongs to a foreign country with certain experience (which is relevant) and who is willing to contribute tax for the Canadian government can get PR in Canada.
  • There are also several other programs through which one can get a Permanent Resident visa in Canada.

This immigration process goes through various rounds as well as programs in order to apply for Permanent Residency. Proper immigration rules must be followed to finish all your process successfully. If you are not sure about the proper rules, it is necessary to get help from a consultant to go through this process.

IRA immigration with their skilled team will offer you complete guidelines to make your process finish successfully. The IRA team will update you with all the latest information in obtaining a PR card. They will guide you in understanding how well this card will work to get a Permanent Residency in Canada. All that you need to do is, fix an appointment with them, and they will take care of the process successfully without any problems. Hope, this article presents you relevant details of getting a Permanent Residency in Canada from India.

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