Fresh Canada Regulations for dependent Kids now Into Force

Fresh Canada Regulations for dependent Kids now Into Force

Fresh Canada Regulations for dependent Kids now Into Force

With effect from August 2014 the Canadian authorities have made changes to Canada Regulations for dependents. They have changed the norms about who can be considered as a dependent child who can move to Canada. Earlier a person of 22 years was considered as a dependent child. But as per the new rule the age has been reduced to 19 years. This change has significantly affected those candidates who are trying to move to Canada along with their family.

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Who is a dependent child according to Canadian law?

According to Canada Regulations for dependent Kids the age is 19 years or less. When it comes to Canadian law, then it is not just whether the child is biological or adopted that matters. But several other things are considered. According to the Canadian law a dependent child was decided on the following parameters:

  • The person has to be less than 22 years and unmarried
  • Must be dependent on parents for financial assistance
  • The child may be dependent on parents due to mental or physical conditions 

However, in the year 2014 some significant changes were made to the Canada Regulations for dependents.

Important changes made by Canada Regulations for dependent Kids:

The Canada Regulations for dependent Kids has brought down the age to 19 years. This means that the person will be considered as a dependent child only if he or she is less than 19 years of age. It is also mandatory that the child is not married and he or she should not be in a common law association. 

This means that children who are above 19 years and are involved in permanent studies will not be considered as dependent kids. But there is an exception to this.If the child is above 19 years of age, but has a physical or mental condition due to which he or she cannot take care of themselves then the child may be considered as a dependent kid.

So, sometimes Canada Regulations for dependent Kids will make some exceptions depending on the condition of the child.

The administration’s perspective:

The main aim of the Canadian government is to bring more economic stability to the country’s economy. They want people who can make a significant contribution to the economic development of the country. They also need people who can adapt to the rules and views of the country. 

The changes to the Canada Regulations for dependent Kids were made keeping these points in view. It was found that kids who are less than 19 years of age are more flexible in their approach. They can get adapted to the life of Canada more easily. It was also found that they can grow up and make a more significant contribution to the economic development of the country. 

It has been found that 1/3rd of the immigration population consist of dependant kids which is a significant number. It is also found that the officials have to spend too much time to verify the claims made by senior kids. So this change made by the Canada Regulations for dependent Kids will also help in bringing down the processing time.

For more details get in touch with IRA immigration:

Have you made plans to immigrate to Canada with your family? Then you will have several queries about the details about Canada Regulations for dependent Kids. In order to get correct and relevant information about the different rules and regulations you need to connect with our immigration experts. They have complete knowledge about all the immigration details and will be able to assist you.

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