Express Entry - Provincial Nomination
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Express Entry – Provincial Nomination

Express Entry - Provincial Nomination

Skilled workers can apply under the Express entry system for the permanent resident visa. The candidates have to try and earn as many points as possible in order to improve their ranking. Better the ranking better is the chance of getting invited to apply for the PR visa. If this candidate manages to get Provincial Nomination from a State or territory, then he will get additional points. This can prove to be a major advantage for the applicant.

How can one apply for the Provincial Nomination?

There are two ways by which one can apply for the Provincial Nomination.

Method 1:

  • The candidate needs to contact the province or the territory
  • The candidate needs to apply under the Express Entry system
  • If the province or territory is willing to nominate the candidate, then the candidate needs to create an express entry

Method 2:

  • The candidate needs to create an Express Entry Profile
  • The candidate then needs to mention the provinces from where he would be interested in getting Provincial Nomination
  • If a province sends an interest notification then the candidate can get in touch with the province directly.

Stepwise procedure for the Express entry- Provincial nomination:

  • First of all the candidate needs to create an express entry profile. It is mandatory for the candidate to meet the express entry requirements of at least on the federal programmes. Only then the application will be accepted in the pool of applications.
  • If the candidate has already received Provincial Nomination then the candidate need not apply in Job Bank. The candidate must mention that he has already received a nomination. When you are creating the profile, there is a section where the candidate can mention that he has already received a Provincial Nomination. There is provision to mention the province from where the candidate has received the nomination.
  • Those candidates who have not yet received Provincial Nomination have to apply in Job Bank
  • When a province or territory has already given the Provincial Nomination electronic confirmation to the candidate then the candidate must contact them. The candidate must provide the profile number and the job seeker validation code to the authorities. The province will then confirm the nomination to the IRCC. The candidate will then be asked to accept or reject the nomination.
  • The candidates who accept the nomination will be eligible for the PNP programme. They will also get 600 additional points. If the candidate rejects the nomination, then he will have to wait till he gets nominated by some other province or territory.
  • The candidates who still do not have a Provincial Nomination can directly approach provinces or they can wait for a province to approach their profile.
  • The successful candidates will then get an invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa. The candidates have to fill up the form and submit all the documents for the visa within ninety days of getting the invitation to apply.
  • Just in case the province withdraws the nomination of the candidate before getting the invitation to apply then the candidate will have to withdraw the current profile. The candidate will have to submit a new profile.

For precise details contact our experts at IRA immigration:

If you need to complete guidelines and details about the Express entry programme through the Provincial Nomination system, then contact our experts at IRA immigration. They have complete knowledge about the procedure. They will be able to explain in lucid language the entire procedure. They will also tell about the steps to be taken to prevent rejection of application.

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