Canada Super Visa Requirements

Canada Super Visa Requirements, Eligibility, Application Process, and Expert Assistance 

Are your children settled in Canada? Do you want to meet your grandchildren in Canada and wish to be with them for some time?

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In that case, you must apply for the Canada super visa. This is a multiple entry visa and the multiple entries are allowed up to 10 years. This visa will allow parents or grandparents to visit their children and grandchildren in Canada. This visa will allow you to stay in Canada for 2 years at a time.

Canada Super Visa Requirements and Eligibility:

  • You have to be the parent or grandparent of a person who is a permanent resident of Canada or a citizen of Canada.
  • The child or grandchild must send an invitation letter. He must also show that he will provide the required financial support to the parent or the grandparent.
  • Canadian insurance of a particular amount which has a validity of 1 year from the date of entry into Canada is a must
  • It must be noted that other than these requirements the authorities will also check several other details like your economic condition, the overall condition of the home country, etc.

Here is how you can apply for this visa:

  • First of all, you must get a letter of invitation from your child or grandchild. You will also have to submit proof of funds of your child or grandchild. The details about the insurance also have to be submitted.
  • The immigration medical exam is also a must.
  • The biometric details of the applicant will also have to be submitted.
Once you have submitted all the documents and the application form it will take a few weeks for the application to get processed. One of the most important things is that the application processing time will vary from application to application. Just make sure that you give all the details and correct information. You must also not miss out on providing all the documents that the authorities may ask.

Avoid making mistakes by taking help from experts:

It will be a difficult task for parents and grandparents to complete the entire visa application process. They may end up making mistakes. This will result in the rejection of the application. Parents and grandparents will also find it very difficult to understand the formalities.

To avoid this type of confusion it is better to take advice from the best experts. You can get in touch with a visa and immigration expert who can provide you with all the details about the visa application process.

Now the question is about finding the right company that can help you complete all the formalities correctly. Your search for the best immigration consultant ends with IRA immigration. We are one of the most reputed immigration consultants in Delhi. We have successfully helped several people to apply for a Canadian visa.

This is how we can provide the best assistance:

  • We first study the profile of the candidate. We will also check the details of the client. We will check if the client is eligible to apply for the super visa.
  • If the candidate is eligible to apply for the super visa then we will explain the formalities that have to be completed.
  • We will also explain the documents that have to be submitted.
  • Once you have all the documents then we will tell you about how to complete the application form and the process that has to be followed to submit the application form.
  • We will check all the details of the application form and will point out any mistakes that the client has made.
  • You can rest assured that our experts will provide all the assistance that you need for online and offline procedures for the super visa

Why choose us?

  • We are one of the most experienced visa and immigration consultants in India. We have been providing the best services for the past many years.
  • We have a team of experts who take care of only Canadian visa applicants. This team of expert immigration consultants has complete knowledge of all the visa formalities. They will also tell you all the important details about the different visa categories.
  • We have a very high success rate. We have successfully helped several people apply for different types of Canadian visas
We have our offices in 2 places in Delhi. One is in Janakpuri, which is our head office and the second is in Nehru Place which is our branch office. We have Canadian visa experts at both these offices. We provide all the different types of visa and immigration services at both these places. You can walk in at any of the places and tell us your requirements. Our experts will give you the best assistance.

A parent or a grandparent is always yearning to meet their child or grandchild. Canadian authorities understand this. Therefore they have the super visa category using which parents or grandparents of Canadian permanent residents or citizens can go to Canada. However, there are several formalities that have to be completed. Only then, you can visit Canada. This visa is useful for those people who plan to stay for around 2 years in Canada with their children or grandchildren. In case you wish to stay in Canada for only 6 months or less, in that case, it is better to apply for a visitor visa.

Therefore, which visa category you select will depend completely on your requirements. When you visit us just tell us about your exact Canada super visa requirements and we will make sure that we provide the best assistance. Our team of Canadian visa experts has been trained to provide you with all the assistance that you will require to apply for any type of Canadian visa including a Canada super visa. So do not waste any more time. Just get in touch with us at any of our offices in Delhi. You can be sure of getting all the guidance that is needed to apply for the visa.

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