Canada Entrepreneur Program
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Canada Entrepreneur Program

Canada Entrepreneur Program

There may be many business minded people who would like to start their own venture in Canada. For those who want to move to Canada as entrepreneurs must opt for the Canada Entrepreneur Program. This programme is specifically designed for entrepreneurs. It was designed keeping in mind the need of the entrepreneurs.  Let us try and understand in more detail about this programme.

An insight into the Canada Entrepreneur Program:

  • The Canada Entrepreneur Program specifically targets dynamic entrepreneurs from across the globe
  • The main of this programme is to get these people into Canada. Give them all kinds of support which also includes support in the form of funding.
  • The programme aims to help these people establish successful businesses in Canada. This in turn will help in generating more employment for the right candidates.
  • The programme aims to help in more economic development of the country.
  • Candidates who qualify for this programme have the advantage that their application will be fast tracked. They will get their visa in few weeks time
  • These people will get permanent resident visa and they can apply for the citizenship in the future.

Here is how the Canada Entrepreneur Program works!

  • For the Canada Entrepreneur Program the candidate will require support from a venture capital in Canada
  • The investor group has to be ready to invest in the business of the candidate
  • The investor group has to have sanction from the Canadian government to be a part of this visa programme.
  • The most important thing is that the candidate has to convince an investor group from Canada to support his business idea. Every investor group will have their own selection procedures. The candidate will have to get in touch with the investor group in order to get an idea about the same.

Eligibility criteria for Canada Entrepreneur Program:

The eligibility criteria for Canada Entrepreneur Program are as follows:

  • The business idea of the candidate must get support from an authorised investor group or a designated investor organisation.
  • The candidate also needs to fulfil the requirements of certain minimum investments that are needed to start the business in Canada.
  • The candidate has to fulfil the language proficiency requirements. It is important that the candidate is proficient in either English or French. If he has proficiency in both the languages, then even better
  • For being eligible for the Canada Entrepreneur Program it is important that the candidate is able to furnish proof that the business meets ownership requirements.
  • The candidate also needs to give proof of funds for the Canada Entrepreneur Program. The candidate needs to prove that he can support himself and his dependants during his stay in Canada.

The candidate needs to submit the application and wait for the approval. Once the application is accepted the Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s Centralized Intake Office will get in touch with the candidate and will inform him about the further procedure.

IRA immigration for the perfect information:

Candidates who dream to have their own business in Canada need to understand one thing that it is not a simple procedure. It involves ling procedures and formalities. There is a trail of documentations that needs to be completed. It is therefore important for the candidate to be aware about the correct procedure.

In order to get complete details the candidate can get in touch with IRA immigration. We have one of the best team of experts. They will be able to provide you with proper information about the entire procedure. They will assist you in every stage of the immigration procedure.

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