Canada Immigration PR Visa – New Rules [2018]

Canada is one of the few developed countries where you can apply for permanent residency. It is the favorite destination of many immigration applicants as they to seek to work and live in Canada with their families. The Canada immigration PR visa is highly desired as the IRCC has flexible laws which make getting PR easier than other countries.

For the aspiring immigrant, The Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides over 60 different programs. The immigration program is points based and candidates are nominated based on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS).

What is Canada PR visa card?

The Canada immigration PR visa card allows you to work and live in Canada. You will have the option to settle anywhere in Canada based on the type of visa you get. The card is a proof that you are living in Canada legally. This card will make you get all the benefits a Canadian citizen has.

A PR visa holder can apply for various government as well as social security benefits. This document is required in many government offices. The PR card also ensures easy re-entry into the country if you plan to go out.

The Latest Immigration Changes Applicable in 2018

The Age of the dependent child has been increased to 22:  This was passed by the IRCC last year and is now applicable to nay one spying for PR. The age of the dependent child was 19 before. Now you can include children up to the age of 22 in your PR visa application.

Conditional permanent residence rule: The conditional permanent residence rule has been canceled. It was used to make sponsored spouses and partners in Canada stay with their common-law partner for a minimum of 2 years.

Changes to the Express entry system

The Canadian Express entry (Federal Skilled Worker Program) is the most popular immigration program selected by Indian applicants. It is a points-based system aimed at people qualified with certain skillsets to come to Canada and contribute to the economy.

The Canadian government has made some key changes to the express entry system:

  • French is now an official language of Canada, hence candidates who have strong French language skills can get up to 30 additional CRS points if you are applying to Canada PR through the express entry system.

  • Applicants for Canada PR who have their siblings in Canada can get an additional 15 CRS points.

  • Creating an account in the Canada job bank is now not mandatory. It was made options following the recent amendments in the express entry system.

These are all the changes that were made for 2018. However, the major eligibility requirements for PR remain the same.

Most of the points are allotted based on your age, education, work experience, language proficiency etc.

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