Can My Cousin Sponsor Me To Live In Canada?

Can My Cousin Sponsor Me To live In Canada?

Canada is your dream destination. You may already be looking at connecting with a Canada visa consultancy who can guide you in this regards. Now there will be some of you who may already have relatives like cousins, siblings etc who are living in Canada. Are you wondering if these relatives can sponsor you so that you can fulfil your Canadian dream? Let us take a look at the details of Family Sponsorship.

Who can sponsor?

  • The relative needs to be at least 18 years of age
  • He needs to be a citizen of Canada
  • Or he needs to be a permanent resident of Canada
  • Or he has to be registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act
  • The person has to stay in Canada if he wants to sponsor the relative. But there are some exceptions which you can check with Canada visa consultancy.
For Quebec, there are some rules and regulations for sponsorship which needs to be fulfilled.

Some things that the person sponsoring will have to do:

  • The person sponsoring must be able to provide financial assistance to the person whom he is sponsoring when that person comes to Canada
  • The person must be able to fulfil the basic needs of food, shelter, and clothing for himself and for the person whom he has sponsored.
  • The person who has been sponsored must not need any social assistance
The application process will have to be completed and the application and biometrics fees will have to be paid in the case of family sponsorship.

Here we would like to point out that express entry candidates can get additional points if they have a sibling who is a citizen of Canada or a permanent resident of Canada.

Have you checked the details with a Canada PR expert?

If you are exploring the option of family sponsorship then it is better that you take guidance from experts. You need to give complete details about yourself and your cousin in Canada to the expert. The visa and immigration professional will check the details and will then tell you if the family sponsorship option is feasible in your case. If the same is possible then they will also tell you about the procedure and how the same needs to be completed. But for this make sure that you get in touch with only one of the best visa and immigration experts.

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