Best Countries To Study Abroad: Ira Immigration Guide

Top Best Countries To Study Abroad: Gain Global Perspective

More and more students are making a turn towards studying overseas. There are so many best countries to study abroad that a student can refer to! The reason behind many students considering studying abroad is that it flourishes various educational as well as career opportunities. Even every parent dreams for their child to go abroad and make an exciting future for them. Along with studying abroad, one can experience a global perspective, get to know the cultural aspects, make a great network of peers, and even earn credits towards further education and career enhancements. 

Studying abroad or going to the best countries to study abroad makes a candidate or student smart! How? Let us tell you! 

Studying Abroad will make you Smarter

  • Studying abroad gives an abundance of opportunities to travel, which opens up the thinking boundaries of a person. This thing makes a person feel good about themselves, and learn about diverse cultures. 
  • Going to one of the best countries to study abroad awakens exceptional creativity. It makes a person go out of their comfort zone, and even attend community meets, events, and discussions.
  • Also, studying abroad improves the communication skills of an individual. It introduces a student to effective modes of communication. 
  • Further, it enhances the earning potential and introduces more essential life skills and cognitive skills. It includes much more. 

When deciding to go to some of the best countries to study abroad, a student should be certain about several things. One of the essential things is to make sure of the preferable university and the course. If you are a student who is keen to go study abroad, then let our experts at Ira Immigration provide a comprehensive guide to you! 

Best Countries To Study Abroad

It is worth mentioning that the list, including the top best countries to study abroad, is a long one. However, we are here to make things easy for you, thus, we are noting down the most essential ones. Let us start the list! 


Canada is among the top choices for best countries to study abroad. You must have met so many people who have either gone to Canada for further studies or are planning to do the same. This country is enriched with forested lakes, snowy mountains, rocks, arctic glaciers, etc. Canada has become a hub for International students because the Canadian government timely introduces various policies that work for the benefit of the students. 

Several great universities are providing high-quality education for international students. About the most affordable course, it provides reasonable courses such as Accounting, Finance, Marketing, Supply Chain Management, Project Management, etc. The course cost ranges from 6 Lakh to 16 Lakh per year. One thing to note here is that the cost of living is considerably low in comparison to other countries. Learn more detailed information regarding the Canada Study Visa

The USA 

The USA is one of the most regarded and best countries to study abroad. Many Indian and various international students are somehow influenced by Ivy League colleges, Chicago Pizza, its beauty, and much more. Various finest institutions are offering affordable education, spanning courses such as Engineering, Medicine, Communications and Media, Physics, Social Science, and more. It offers maximum opportunities, an extreme quality of education, and a cultural environment. 

If you are someone who is looking to get a study visa for the USA, then you can check out the USA study visa. Let us tell you that it is a safe country for Indian students. 

The UK

The UK comes on top of the best countries to study abroad. If you are someone who loves the rich culture, exceptional landscapes, scenery, delicious food, and great technology. Most probably, the Indian students are considering the UK these days. Talking about it, the approximate cost of studying in the UK ranges from 9 Lakh to 36 Lakh. A student has to clear the IELTS exam, while there is no requirement for such an exam for some of the courses. 

Take a look at the detailed information about the UK study visa

There can be various destinations that come under the list of best countries to study abroad. It incorporates Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy, etc. 

Some of the documents that a student must be aware of are: 

  • A valid and current passport
  • Admission letters 
  • Study visa and application form
  • Adequate funds 
  • Test scores of language, majorly English
  • Original mark sheet
  • CV/ Resume
  • SOP
  • LOR

Studying abroad is something that sounds great. However, the process is tricky. Some students get irritated during the process. That is where our professionals at Ira Immigration come in. Let us tell you how we can assist the students in the procedure! 

Study Abroad with Ira Immigration! 

Ira Immigration is one of the best visa and immigration consultants in Delhi, Janakpuri, and Nehru place. Our professionals deal with multiple countries whether it's about study visas, work visas, tourist visas, or migration. Our aim at Ira Immigration is to fulfill the dream of a candidate and make certain of their profession. 

  • First of all, our professionals will help you be sure about the course and the university, depending on your study preferences. We’ll filter out the perfect options for you! 
  • Next, we make certain that all the application forms are filled with comprehensive care and legitimate details. 
  • The most important thing is accumulating all the necessary documents. With vast experience, we are experts in the documentation process. 
  • We take care that our holistic process is regarding being obliged with all the necessary policies of the chosen country and the particular university. 
  • In addition, we make sure that the visa process is easy and that the interview will be smooth. 

So, start our journey in one of the best countries to study abroad! Reach out to us and let us help you in the way. 

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