Benefits of Electronic Travel authority Visa Subclass 601

Travelling to Australia has got easier and better and it is mainly due to Electronic Travel authority Visa Subclass 601. In well-renowned immigration companies like IRA immigration one will find that there are a number of enquiries about this visa. One may wonder as to what is so special about this electronic visa. It is actually a large number of benefits that this visa offers to people who are aspiring to go to Australia.

  1. Unlimited travel permission:

For those who have the Electronic Travel authority Visa Subclass 601 can easily travel to Australia as many times as they want. Of course, this would be for a period of one year from the date the visa is granted. It will also be required by the person to fulfil all the other pre-requisites like valid travel documents, visa etc.

  1. Enjoy your stay for three months:

Those who have this visa have the advantage of staying in the country for three months. Yes, during each visit to the country one can stay for a maximum period of three months which is a pretty long duration.

  1. Enrol for study programmes:

When one has this subclass 601 visa he or she can study in Australia. The duration of the course should not be more than three months. This visa is useful for doing short-term courses during your stay in Australia.

  1. Swift process:

One of the biggest benefits of this visa is that it does not take very long to get this visa, provided you have submitted all the required details correctly. There is hardly any paperwork involved and no stamping of passport involved. But one has to travel with the valid passport with which this visa is linked. Keep in mind that in case the passport is lost or stolen then you will have to reapply for the visa.

The Electronic Travel authority Visa Subclass 601 is definitely one of best ways to enter the country. It has a number of advantages, but at the same time, one has to remember that if the visa is misused then one will have to face serious consequences. So it is important you seek the guidance and advice of an expert like IRA immigration. IRA immigration will not only give you assistance and information on the formalities involved in applying for this visa, but they will also let you know about the advantages and disadvantages of the visa.

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