Australia Work Permit Visa Process

Working in Australia even for a few years can give a boost to a skilled worker’s career. This is one of the main reasons that a large number of people are applying for an Australia work permit visa. This visa lets one work in this dream country which has plenty of fruitful opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and have all the required skill sets. Immigration consultants like IRA immigration in Delhi have been providing valuable assistance in this regards from the past several years.

Understanding the formalities of a Australia work permit visa:

When an applicant approaches immigration companies like IRA immigration, the first thing that IRA will analyse is the skills of the person. It is mandatory for the applicant to have an occupation which is listed in the skilled occupation list. Visa experts like IRA will be able to provide the applicant correct SQL list for an Australia Working visa. It is also important that the applicant selects the right visa category. There are several other documents which one will require depending upon the category in which the applicant is applying. These documents will include health and character certificate, English language proficiency test score etc. In some cases letter of expression of interest, sponsorship letters from the Australian employer, nomination letter from territory or State Government agency etc will be needed.

The two different types of Australia work permit visas:

When it comes to work permit visas for Australia you will find that there are two categories. One is “Temporary Work (Skilled) visa (subclass 457)” which lets you work in Australia for 4 years and needs sponsorship from an Australian employer. The second is the “The Skilled-Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)” which is mainly for skilled workers and their families. Normally for this visa the Invited Pathway Stream needs to be followed, the details for which can be obtained easily from a good immigration consultant like IRA immigration. Since the formalities for different visas are different, it is better you consult IRA immigration for your Australia work permit visa. They will provide the complete details about the requirements of this type of visa. They shall analyse your case and then provide solutions. It is their vast experience and dedication which has made them one of the best immigration consultants not just in Delhi but across the country. One of the easiest ways of applying for a work visa for Australia is by appointing IRA immigration as your immigration consultants.

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