Australia Skilled Select (FAQ)

Australia Skilled Select (FAQ)”

From the sponsorship point of view how showing interest in skill select can be useful?

Ans. Skill select has a new format. So now if you are on Skill Select then your information becomes available for recruiters who are on the lookout for talented and skilled professional. As you can see skill select can play a major role in your selection.

What is the validity time of the invitation?

The invitation is valid for 60 days. Within these 60 days, the petition has to be submitted to the Department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP). If within 24 months of submitting the EOI the petition is not selected then the same will lapse

If I do not get any points in IELTS can I still submit a petition?

If you have 60 points, then yes you can.

In subcategory 489 if the applicant’s mandatory stay is of 4 years in Australia is it possible to get a PR within these 4 years?

For this the applicant has to have a job and must stay in that region for not less than 2 years and he must have a proper profile as well. The applicant can then apply for a PR and he can get the PR provided he is not found guilty of any breaches. If he is found guilty, then his PR application will be rejected.

EOI and State Sponsorship needs to be done at the same time?

Yes, both can be submitted at the same time and when the State sponsorship is approved the EOI will also get updated accordingly.

Is offer of appointment mandatory for sub category 489?

For State sponsorship a offer of appointment is essential. In case of certain States of Australia you will have to check the details.

After you have lodged the EOI can the visa category be changed?

Yes, you can keep updating your profile from time to time in the two year period.

At the time of EOI the ACS & the IELTS needs to be valid?

Ideally the EOI has to be submitted as soon as the results of the ACS & the IELTS are declared. The validity of the ACS & the IELTS will surely matter in most of the cases.

What about the profession list of State sponsored &Regional sponsored?

Basically, there are two occupation lists. The CSOL is with Schedule 1 and Schedule 2. Independent skilled migration has to follow the professions given in SOL 1. In case of state sponsored and regional schemes the professions in Schedule 2 have to be considered. In case of independent skilled overseas movement the professions in SOL 1 are to be followed and for state/regional sponsorship Schedule 1 and 2 and State lists have to be followed.

Is the EOI selection point based?

The minimum requirement of 60 to 65 points has to be achieved. Now, as for the selection it depends on the recruiter. If an employer finds a profile which may not have a high rank in the pool suitable for his vacancy then he can hire the person irrespective of his pool position.

Can you give some idea about the selection of petition from the EOI bank?

The petition will remain in the pool for two years. The application is given a ranking based on the points. As new applications come in the ranking will keep changing. There is no time frame as to when the profile can get selected. There are chances that his profile may never get selected in the two years.

How important is profession in case of family member sponsorshop?

The relative has to belong to Schedule 1 and the relative has to be residing in the area that he has chosen.

What is the permit period of sub category 489? The petition has to be submitted based on the current laws and regulations? The petition needs to be filed before the validity of the petition expires?

Sub Class 489 is a four year permit. The petition has to be submitted as per the laws applicable at the time of submitting the petition and yes you need to file the petition before the permit loses its validity.

In case of State sponsorship can children study outside the State’s territorial limits?

It must be noted that funded education may not be possible outside the State’s territorial limits.

What if there are technical difficulties while employing Skills select?

Just visit the support page of Skills Select which will give you a proper idea about how to go about in submitting the application under skills select.

What are the minimum marks for the point based permits?

Visa subclasses 189, 190 and 489 – 60 points;

Visa subclasses 885, 886 and 487 – 65 points;

Visa subclass 188 (business innovation & investment visa) – 65 points

Who will access the skill select list of aspirants?

Depending on what choices the candidate has made while submitting the details.

Can the EOI be submitted before passing English & skills evaluation tests?

The candidate needs to keep in mind one thing that the English and Skills evaluation tests are important for EOI.

Can the ranking be found out in the EOI pool?

The ranking keeps changing as applications are being submitted and removed on a regular basis.

Can the EOI be submitted in Australia?

EOI is not a permit submission. It can be presented in Australia but the required conditions need to be completed.

Is written statement mandatory in the EOI?

No it is not mandatory.

If I do not get the invitation then can I get the money back that I spent on the language test and skill appraisal?

No this is not possible.

If I get some new qualification or skills after submitting the EOI then what to do?

You can always update your EOI accordingly.

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Who can make use of review process?

It is only for those eligible qualified people for whom submissions for a permit have been dismissed.

What are the different modes for Skill Select for EOI submission?

You can submit it only by the online method.

Can one opt for professional help for EOI submission and for other immigration procedures?

Yes one can opt for professional help as this will make the work easier.

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