Are you seeking Canada permanent resident Visa from India?

Are you seeking Canada permanent resident Visa from India?

When applying for a permanent resident, Canada is the most chosen and preferred country by most Indians, reason being the career opportunities, Indian communities in Canada, and flexible immigration policies.

What is a Canada Permanent Resident Visa?

If you hold a permanent resident visa in Canada, it means that although you are not a Canadian citizen, you have been given the permanent resident status after immigration.  A permanent resident is given the PR card (permanent resident) as proof that he is a permanent resident and will require the card while returning the country if he travels to any other place.

How do you apply for Canada permanent resident visa from India?

Indians are a major part of immigration to Canada and it is the country that tops the list of sending immigrants to Canada every year.
Let’s take a look at the key pathways and requirements to immigrate from India to Canada.
The best way to apply for Canadian PR is through the express entry system of Canada. This is an online system where the applicant will need to create an online profile and submit an expression of interest. Every profile submitted will get a rank based on comprehensive ranking system (CRS) based on few factors like age, education, qualification etc. the applicants will be chosen based on their CRS grade/score. Each selected applicant will receive an ITA (Invitation to apply). They may then complete the further procedure to apply for the Canada PR Visa.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa Key Requirements

Before you begin the procedure of the application, you need to take a note of the key requirements and make sure you satisfy the requirements. Given here are some of the requirements for Canadian PR.

  1. The applicant must create an online profile and submit the EOI.
  2. You should have a valid IELTS score, in either English or French.
  3. Educational documents and other documents should be verified.
  4. Health check-up and certification might be necessary in some cases before, but you will need them during issue of the visa.

Canada Permanent Resident Visa processing time:

Express entry system is a process that is time taking. For some, it might take up to 6 months and for some, much less than that. It all depends on how much delay occurs in in processing your application. Sometimes, there might be a delay in the process of medical verification, certificate verification or any other.
The easiest process to get a Canadian PR if you are in India is through a trusted immigration agency/advisory as IRA Immigration. There are many such companies in India that helps a candidate immigrate through the express entry system and also various other entry systems while IRA ensures the transparency is maintained.

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