Applying Under Express Entry Programme? You Must Know Details About IELTS Band Score

Applying Under Express Entry Programme? You Must know Details About IELTS Band Score

Different programmes like the Federal skilled worker programme are based on the express entry system. One very important factor that influences the express entry system is the IELTS score which tests the English language proficiency of the candidate.

Importance of IELTS band score for Canada:

  • In order to integrate into the professional field in Canada, the candidate needs to have English language proficiency. This makes the IELTS band score very important for migration to Canada.
  • The IELTS will test the eligibility of the candidate to speak, listen, read and write in English.
  • The International English Language Testing system will is a testing agency for the English language. This agency is accepted across the globe.
  • The IELTS band score requirement will depend on the visa category under which you are applying for the visa.
  • If you are applying for the Federal Skilled worker programme then the IELTS band score requirement will be 6 in speaking, 6 to 7 in listening, 6 in reading and 6 in writing. This corresponds to Canadian Benchmark Level of CLB 7.
  • As per the express entry system, a candidate who has CLB of less than 4 will get zero points in the language score proficiency factor.
  • A CLB of 10 or more will get the candidate maximum points that is 32 with a spouse and 34 without a spouse.
  • The aim of the candidate has to be to score as many points as possible in the language proficiency factor.
  • For this, he needs to try and score more points in language tests and try to get a higher band.
  • More points in this factor will improve the overall points tally and this, in turn, will help the candidate get better ranking.
  • Better ranking will boost the chances of the candidate to get selected for applying for the PR visa.

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