Apply for USA Tourist visa

Apply for USA Tourist visa

Traveling to the US for a short period for holidays or for medical treatment or for a short business trip? Then the first thing that you must do is apply for USA visit visa. This is basically the B1/B2 visa. Normally B1 visa is issued to those who are traveling to US for business, education and research reasons, while B2 is for those who traveling for holiday or for social reasons like visiting family and friends in the US or for medical treatment etc. Normally the tourist visa is issued as the B1/B2 visa.

Are there any pre-requisites for applying for USA Tourist visa?

It is mandatory for the applicant to fulfill certain basic conditions while applying for the USA Tourist visa.  For confirmation on the requirements you can check with immigration consultants in your city. If you are residing in and around Delhi then you have the advantage of having an immigration consultant par excellence. IRA immigration in Delhi will surely be able to give you all the details like the proof of funds that need to be submitted and the documents that you need to submit in order to convince the visa issuing authority that you have strong reasons to come back to India. The applicant has to keep in mind that for his or her visa application to be accepted it is of utmost importance that he or she is able to convince the visa officer that he or she is very clear on returning back to his or her home country.

Checklist of the mandatory documents:

Make sure that you consult immigration specialists like IRA for the USA Tourist visa because along with the old and new passport and photograph it is mandatory for the applicant to submit Form DS-160 with the CEAC barcode. The applicant also has to carry the visa fee receipt. It should be noted by applicants that they have to be pay the visa fees in advance in the Bank before they take an appointment with the visa authority. In addition the applicant will also have to furnish sponsorship documents, property documents etc. In some cases, affidavits for parents may also be required. Documents of previous US visits’, professional documents etc are also needed for applying for a tourist visa. Finding this documentation list just too long for you to handle single handedly? Then contact IRA immigration. They will explain all the details in a systematic way and will also make sure that the chances of rejection of your application are minimal.

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