Apply for Germany Job seeker visa

Apply for Germany Job seeker visa

Germany is not just a beautiful country, but it has several industries and is always buzzing with activity. Many young aspirants are therefore eyeing this country for making a career. But one question that comes to these people’s mind is Germany Job seeker visa. Why worry when IRA immigration is here!

IRA immigration has all the details about Germany Job seeker visa:

IRA immigration will help you understand how this visa can actually help a job seeker. Basically, this is a visa which has a 6 month validity. During this time job seekers can search for jobs in Germany by staying there. If you get a job, then you shall get Germany work permit Visa. For the eligibility criteria you can speak to IRA immigration staff. Just to put it in a nutshell the applicant must have at least Bachelors or Masters degree from relevant foreign universities. They must have 5 years of experience in relevant field, sufficient funds, travel and medical insurance etc. To understand all the eligibility criteria for Germany Job seeker visa it is best that you get in touch with IRA immigration today!

Formalities after getting a job- Check with IRA immigration:

For those who like to plan their future in advance may have queries like formalities after getting a job etc. If you have laid your trust in IRA immigration then there is nothing to worry. The IRA is well versed with the formalities and documentation that is needed for permanent residence permit, EU blue card formalities etc. Whether it is visa documentation or formalities for permanent residence permit or assistance in travelling or working in Germany you can always rely on IRA immigration. They have years of successful experience and have helped several young enthusiasts settle down in their dream country.

Want to know more about Germany Job seeker visa? Then visit your nearest IRA immigration centre today.

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