New Zealand Tourist Visa

New Zealand Tourist Visa

Detailed information about New Zealand Tourist Visa

New Zealand is one place which one must visit. It is one of the most beautiful countries which are best suited for a cool holiday. But in order to visit New Zealand as a tourist, you will have to apply for the New Zealand Tourist Visa.

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These are the things that you can do with a New Zealand tourist visa:

  • You can enjoy a vacation in New Zealand and visit different places of tourist interest in this country.
  • You can visit family and friends who are staying in New Zealand.
  • You can indulge in adventure activities and amateur sports etc.
  • To study for a maximum period of 3 months
  • For getting married

New Zealand tourist visa requirements & eligibility:

  • The applicant needs to have a valid passport.
  • The applicant needs to have enough funds to support himself and his dependents during his stay in New Zealand. The applicant will have to submit proof of funds for this.
  • The applicant must not have any criminal cases against him
  • The applicant has to have a return ticket or they have to show that they have enough funds to purchase a return ticket.
  • The applicant has to convince the authorities that he will leave the country before the visa expires.

A look at the documents that have to be submitted for the New Zealand tourist visa:

  • The applicant will have to submit a valid passport
  • The applicant will have to submit 2 recent photographs. These have to be as per the specifications.
  • A covering letter in which the applicant has to give the details about the purpose of the visit and the duration of the visit
  • The applicant will also have to submit confirmed return air tickets
  • The applicant will have to give details about the hotel reservation
  • The applicant will have to submit the papers of income tax returns. Details about the income tax returns of the last 3 years will have to be submitted. The applicant will also have to submit a photocopy of his pan card.
  • The applicant will also have to give relevant investment documents
  • If the applicant has any old passport and visa then the details about the same will have to be submitted
  • In case of salaried individuals approved leave application on the company letterhead will have to be submitted.
  • In case of students approved leave letter from the educational institution will be required
  • Salaried individuals will have to give salary slip of last 6 months
  • Students will have to submit the school or college id
  • Retired people will have to submit retirement proof
  • In the case of self-employed applicants, the details about the company or business registration will have to be submitted.
  • If an applicant is visiting New Zealand for some permitted business activity then in addition to the mandatory documents he will have to submit a few other documents. These are invitation letter from the company, details about the conference or event that the applicant is going to attend, taxation proof and business registration proof and copy of the business license.
  • The applicant will also have to submit a medical certificate and character certificate.

New Zealand tourist visa process & procedure:

  • The applicant will first have to fill up the online application form. The applicants who want to apply offline will have to download Form INZ 1017.
  • The applicant will have to make the payments for the visa and he will get a receipt for the same
  • The applicant will have to submit the form at the visa application centre. Along with the form the applicant will have to submit all the mandatory documents and visa fee receipt.
  • Important thing that the applicant must remember here is that he has to convince the visa authorities that he will leave New Zealand before the visa expires. He has to convince the authorities that he has enough reasons to come back to his home country.
  • The applicant must also make sure that he gives all correct details in the visa application form. If the applicant gives wrong information then his visa application form can get rejected and in that case, the applicant will have to go through the entire process all over again.

Always better to seek assistance for applying for any type of visa:

Visa formalities are bound to be long and complex. The applicant will naturally get confused. He will not know how to apply. He will not know what documents are needed. He will not know how to complete the different online and offline activities. But there is nothing to worry when you have the guidance from a visa company. But it is important that you choose only the best visa company who will provide the best guidance.

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