3234 NOC Code Demand in Canada

The NOC Code 3234 Exposition in Canada – Paramedical occupations

The National Occupational Classification of Canada offers a diverse set of occupations entertained by the Government of Canada to be eligible for further immigration and work passes permissible as per the specific nature and skill inclusive within a classified occupation as a  profession pursued by the applicant. 

The specific code 3234 is attested to serve a category of service that fall under


Aspirants passionate and interested about Paramedical Occupational duties in Canada may be elated to know that Canada offers a secure and extremely positive engagement to provide career access  in this specific field. 

Paramedical Occupations deal with the handling , acquisition and delivery of people who will be needing assistance between their respective locations to hospitals/medical centers etc,. vice versa. It is a demanding job that relies on efficient functioning and requires immense passion and empathy. As the first responders to accidents and  mishaps, unpredictable health related illnesses, emergency and calamity/injury response and disaster management , the paramedics have a duty relying on them to wholeheartedly assist and provide service to society by taking care of people who may be affected in a critical state before and after they are taken in by higher medical assistants or are relieved to be sent back home. 

Throughout the world and even in context to the nation of Canada specifically, Paramedical Occupations are much in demand and are considered as a respected profession due to the nature of their immense dedication to society and saving lives. The need for paramedics exemplifies extensive availability that cannot be established rigidly while taking care of individuals. Canada’s efficient Medical infrastructure to transport people through short and long haul distances makes ambulance services very popular. The market established by providing services in context to ambulance assistance makes paramedical occupations high in demand. And quite lucrative due to the constant need of service from the people who continue to need them. 

3234 NOC Code Demand in Canada

As a part of Paramedical Occupations (NOC Code 3234) some professional requirements of skill are;

  • Ability to understand and provide assistance to Trauma victims and medical issues pertaining to individuals who need immediate and or eventual treatment in an adequately equipped medical establishment, people with respiratory diseases and stress, people who have had intoxicant overdose and poisoning, victims of industrial accidents and other forms of conditions established upon an assessment to determine the medical assistance required.

  • Providing adequate resources and helping utilize them while transporting to procure pre hospitalization emergency assistance like cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) , oxygen therapy , bandaging and splinting , spinal immobilization. 

  • Intravenous Treatment (IV) establishment , application of adjunctive equipment for ventilation and circulation complications, ability to administer medications and help provide other advanced emergency related treatment to patients

  • Helping transport patients by air, land or water to the required destination where further assistance can be provided like at hospitals or other medical facilities. 

  • Being ready to collaborate with centers for  ambulance dispatch , medical staff, law enforcement teams, firefighters and the family members of the individuals to ascertain that legitimate information is provided and asserted to establish administration. 

  • Be meticulous in the documentation and record keeping nature of injuries and various  illnesses and also advise the treatment provided.

  • Be compatible to assist other medical personnels with provisions of further medical treatment, if required.

  • Maintenance of emergency assistance equipment and supplies of the ambulance and center.

  • Capable of initiating training and supervising other workers in a respective unit group.

  • Ability to triage emergency patients upon urgent and required needs. 

Titles of Jobs established by the Statistics Canada for the unit groups inclusive in Paramedical Occupations (NOC Code 3234) :  

  • advanced care paramedic

  • ambulance attendant

  • critical care paramedic

  • emergency medical attendant (EMA)

  • emergency medical technician (EMT)

  • emergency medical technician, paramedic

  • emergency medical technologist – paramedic (EMT-P)

  • paramedic

  • primary care paramedic

  • supervisor, ambulance services. 

Note: Exclusion persists for these categories from the respective NOC code 3234

  • Emergency medical responders (See 3413 Nurse aides, orderlies and patient service associates)

  • Other assisting occupations in support of health services (3414)

Requirements for Employment

  1. Legitimate completion and certification from a one- to three-year college within which a hospital-based validation. A recognized paramedical course or an emergency medical technology program is mandatory.

  2. A regulatory body’s approval of licensing in all provinces is mandatory. 

  3. The license of all operating vehicles must be of an appropriate class .

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