3212 NOC Code Demand in Canada, Medical Laboratory

The NOC Code 3212 Exposition in Canada

The National Occupational Classification of Canada offers a diverse set of occupations entertained by the Government of Canada to be eligible for further immigration and work passes permissible as per the specific nature and skill inclusive within a classified occupation as a  profession pursued by the applicant. 

The specific NOC code 3212  is attested to professional services that falls under 

Medical Laboratory technicians and Pathologists’ Assistants – NOC Code 3212

Aspirants passionate and interested about pursuing a career as a professional in context to being a Medical Laboratory technician or a  Pathologists’ Assistant in Canada may be elated to know that Canada offers a secure and extremely positive engagement to provide career access  in this specific field. 

Professionals who have attained expertise in executing medical laboratory associated skills as technicians are Med Lab Technicians.  They cater to the needs required in providing maintenance and handling of equipment and conducting various tests associated with a medical laboratory.  Their expertise is implemented at assisting other medical officials and professionals in caretaking a resolution through the various fields of analyzing and providing treatments to clients and patients. 

A professional that deals with the medical examinations conforming to the surgical specimens and autopsies in which a resolution needs to be found initiating and/or assisting other medical professionals is known as a Pathologists’ assistant.  Their duties are bound to the verification needs for diagnosis, autopsy research and academic research done on a medical preface. 

3212 NOC Code Demand in Canada, Medical Laboratory technicians

Canadian Skill prioritization in the present has a needing emphasis for the roles of medical laboratory assistants and pathologist assistants. Presumably the need for these jobs have great space of growth due to individuals skilled in these fields not varying upto the posts open for recruitment making a career pursued in these a very secure job availability standard promise.  It is anticipated for these professions to be utilized by highly motivated and skilled applicants who wish to pursue a career in these respective fields with which the Government of Canada is ready to entertain and avail positions. 

As a part of an occupation as a Medical laboratory technician and a Pathologists’ Assistant , some professional requirements of skill to perform their respective duties are;

For Medical Laboratory Technicians – NOC Code 3212

  • Collection of blood samples and tissue samples as required from the patient/ patients. 

  • Preparation for testing and logging of samples.

  • Ability for setting up medical laboratory equipment. 

  • Sample analysis and routine laboratory tests conduction.  

  • Techniques on testing and assurance over quality should be performed well.

  • Maintenance and cleaning of medical laboratory equipment along with other medical equipment. 

For Pathologists’ Assistants – NOC Code 3212

  • Obtaining medical records of patients and arranging radiographic examinations to prepare autopsies. 

  • Under a Pathologists’ supervision be capable of  assisting them and performing examinations of surgical specimens and autopsies.

  • Handle samples as per need to dissect , photograph and weigh specimens and organs , examine and collect tissue samples for record findings and chemical analysis.  

  • Follow regulated safety procedures during discardment. 

  • Maintenance and cleaning of medical instruments , supplies and other various equipment.  

  • After the completion of an autopsy, may be capable of preparing the body for release to funeral homes. 

  • Ability to further train and supervise morgue attendants and other junior pathologists’ assistants. 

Precise Requirements to attain employment as established by Statistics Canada in a profession as a Medical Laboratory technician and a Pathologists’ Assistant (NOC Code 3212) are;

  • A requirement for a completion of a college certificate program in medical laboratory science for medical laboratory assistants and technicians. 

  • The Canadian Society for Medical Laboratory Science validated certification required usually by various employers for medical laboratory technicians and assistants.

  • Combined laboratory X-ray technology program completion required for individuals who wish to pursue a Combined laboratory and X-ray technician profession. 

  • A post-secondary course or a university degree is required for Pathologists’ assistants in some subjects such as life sciences and specialization on-the-job training.

  • The American Society for Clinical Pathology validated certification – by the Board of Certification or Pathologists’ Assistant Certification Examination is/are usually required by some employers.

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