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Do you want to study in one of the most picturesque countries in the world? Then you must choose Switzerland. IRA immigration is one of the best Switzerland student visa consultants in India and we will provide all the assistance that the student needs to apply for the student visa to study in Switzerland.

Study in Switzerland

Why students must study in Switzerland?

  • This beautiful European country welcomes international students with open hands.
  • The quality of life and infrastructure of this country is excellent
  • Switzerland has some of the best universities and research centres and the country invests in several different industries. So there is no dearth of career opportunities in the country. This country is the hub for cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. This country is making large investments in research and development.
  • Switzerland is known for its environmental consciousness and its diversity.
  • This is a safe country for students and hence one must choose to Study in Switzerland this is a multi-lingual country and along with English, you will find people speaking in other languages like German, French, etc. So, students have a scope to study a new language.
  • There is no dearth of right career opportunities in Switzerland and you will be pleased to know that Switzerland is the country which has one of the highest average salaries in the world.

How to apply for the Switzerland student visa?

  • There are 2 types of visas depending on the duration of the studies. For short-term courses of less than 3 months, the student will have to apply for the C student visa. For courses of longer duration, the student will have to apply for the D student visa.
  • For the D category visa, the applicant will have to fill 3 forms and will have to submit 4 passport size photographs.
  • The applicant will have to submit a letter of acceptance from a Swiss University.
  • The applicant will have to submit proof of funds to show that he can fund his education in Switzerland and he can pay for his living expenses during his stay in Switzerland.
  • In the case of scholarships and loans, the applicant will have to furnish all the details and proof for the same.
  • The applicant will have to submit his CV and letter of motivation
  • The applicant will have to convince the visa authorities that he will leave the country before the visa expires.
  • Any other document that is requested by the visa authorities will have to be submitted by the applicant.

Keep in mind that if any discrepancies are found in the application form or if the formalities are not completed properly then the student visa application can get rejected. So, if you want to Study in Switzerland then make sure that you complete all the visa formalities correctly.

Get assistance from one of the best visa and immigration company in India:

If you are keen to pursue higher education in Switzerland but have no idea about the procedure or if you find the procedure confusing then get in touch with a visa and immigration company. But make sure that you take assistance from only one of the most reliable companies.

We at IRA immigration are committed to providing the best service to all our clients. We have a professional and experienced team of visa experts who are well-versed with the formalities of different visas of different countries.

If you are keen to pursue higher education in Switzerland then it is time to connect with our experts. They will check your profile and will take into consideration different aspects like the course that you wish to pursue, the duration of the course etc. Based on these details our experts will help you select the correct visa category and will also help you understand all the visa formalities.

We will make sure that the applicant completes all the formalities and our experts are there to provide all the guidance that the candidate needs. It is because of the quality services that we have a high success rate.

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Studying abroad has always been your dream then it is time to get in touch with us now. We offer different types of visa and immigration services and you can approach us for different types of visas.

Just make sure that you share your profile details with us and give us a proper idea about your aim and objective of moving to Switzerland. Based on all these details we will render all the support that you need to complete all the formalities. IRA immigration is surely one of the most trustworthy Switzerland student visa consultants in India. You can rely on us completely and you can expect the best support from us. Connect with us right away and get the complete information about the Switzerland student visa.

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