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South Australia Supplementary Skilled List

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Candidates who are keen to work in South Australia have to select an occupation that is mentioned in the South Australia skilled list. However the candidates must note one thing. Some occupations are considered for employment in South Australia, but these occupations are not mentioned in the normal South Australia Occupation list. These occupations are mentioned in the South Australia Supplementary Skilled List.

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This list consists of additional occupations for working in the South Australian region. These occupations will normally have some additional requirements which the candidate must fulfil. These requirements will be in the form of additional skills and training or qualifications or registration, licencing, residency requirements etc. The major categories of this supplementary list are mentioned below. These categories are further divided into sub categories.

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  • Farmers and Farm Managers
  • Specialist Managers
  • Hospitality, Retail & Service Managers
  • Arts & Media Professionals
  • Business, Human Resource & Marketing Professionals
  • Design, Engineering, Science & Transport Professionals
  • Education Professionals
  • Health Professionals
  • ICT Professionals

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  • Legal, Social & Welfare Professionals
  • Engineering, ICT & Science Technicians
  • Automotive & Engineering Trades Workers

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  • Construction Trades Workers
  • Electrotechnology & Telecommunications Trades Workers
  • Food Trades Workers
  • Sales Support Workers

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  • Skilled Animal & Horticultural Workers
  • Other Technicians & Trades Workers
  • Health & Welfare Support Workers

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  • Sports & Personal Service Workers
  • Other Clerical and Administrative Workers
  • Sales Representatives & Agents

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The candidate needs to select one of the occupations from the supplementary list. The candidate has to check if he has the required skills, qualifications and experience to apply in that category. If there are any additional requirements that he needs o fulfil then the candidate must take necessary steps to complete the same before applying. Competency in English language is a must in most of the cases. The candidate needs to get his skills assessed by an assessing body which is authorised for the task. The different assessing bodies are VETASSESS, CPAA/ICAA /IPA, Engineers Australia/AIM,TRA,ANMAC,ACWA, ACS, SSSI, AIQS, AVBC, AIMS,AITSL, AIR, ANZSNM, OCANZ, APharmC, ADC,OTC,APC, APodC/ANZPAC,SPA, Medical Board of Australia, ANMAC,SLAA, NAATI,TRA etc.

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Understanding the exact requirements for the occupations listed in the supplementary list can be confusing. It is therefore better if you contact our skilled immigration specialists at IRA immigration. They will give you a complete idea about all the procedures and formalities. Here is how we can help you:

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  • Give you the correct and latest list of occupations
  • Help you in selecting the correct occupation from the list depending on your skills, qualification experience.
  • Update you about any additional requirements that need to be fulfilled.
  • Provide assistance in applying for the different visa categories

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Keep in mind that selecting the correct occupation from the occupation list is mandatory for applying for different skilled workers visa for Australia. If you do not know how to do this contact us.

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