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NSW Regional Skilled Occupation List – Skilled Migration -2017 Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489)

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For skilled workers to work in New South Wales there is a list of occupations from which the skilled worker needs to select a occupation. New South Wales tries to invite the best top ranking skilled professionals to work in their country.

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The authorities have updated the NSW Regional Skilled Occupation List for this year. As they have done in the previous year this year too they shall be opting for the right skilled professionals who have the required expertise to work in the different skilled professions. The selection will be done on a regular basis and there are no exact dates for the same.

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The Skilled Migration occupation list has list of occupations that are given priority by the NSW. Those candidates who are involved in these occupations will be given priority by the NSW and will nominate to apply for the visa and to work in their country.

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In order to prepare the priority list data is collected from the Commonwealth and State employment data as well as evidence-supported feedback from NSW industry. It must be noted that those occupations are added to this occupation list, which will help in giving a boost to economy of NSW. Depending on the requirement of NSW industry the list is updated at regular time intervals. The invitations that are sent out will depend on the exact requirement of NSW. Those candidates who have a higher ranking are the ones who will be sent the invitation first.

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This list will include all those occupations which are eligible for 2017 Skilled Regional (Provisional) visa (subclass 489). The candidate must get in touch with the right authorities in NSW in order to confirm that they are interested in applying for this visa. Here, too those with better rankings and better skills sets will have better chances of being invited by the authorities to work in New South Wales region.

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If you are interested in working in the New South Wales region as a skilled worker then you need to apply for the Sub class 190 or the subclass 489 visa. Both these visas have certain pre-requisites. The most important is the occupation of the skilled worker. The occupation has to be one that is listed in the skilled occupation list that is provided by the New South Wales authorities. In order to get the complete and the latest occupation list you can contact our immigration experts at IRA immigration.

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Our immigration experts will not just tell you about the occupation list, but they will also tell you about the complete procedure for applying for the visa. Our experts have years of experience in this industry. They are well versed with all the visa and immigration requirements of different countries and they will help you out with the same. For more details contact us on priority.

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