Understanding Express Entry as a path toward Canadian immigration

Canadian Immigration aspects enhanced by grasping the Express Entry Program.

The Express Entry scheme is a system in which the Canadian Government determines the applicable access of immigration applicants all over the world based on the repertoire of their professional skills and potential asset aspects to validate their compatibility to live and work in the nation.

Express Entry is not inclusive of the entirety of all possible means in which immigration aspirants should be seeking , rather it is a primary method of selection for an assessment of cumulative skills to manage applications by skilled workers from 3 various programs; 

  • Canadian Experience Class (CEC) Applicants who have earned at least 3 years of work experience in the nation of Canada prior to applying ,  may utilize this route to achieve the pass.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP) Applicants who have procured a legitimate professional work experience from abroad upon validation and verification of their credentials may apply using this route to pass. 
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program (FSTP) Applicants skilled in the larger aspects of skill execution  ability in Agriculture , Manufacturing , Construction etc may apply using this route to pass. 

We share with you a more rigorous explanation of the process.

Validating your Eligibility.

Identifying your very own credentials and their applicability in retrospect to the ideal outcome must first be initiated by you so that the process is recognizable to you and its validators, in context to the purpose through which you will provide and they will procure your earned experience’s legitimacy. Self assessments / being assisted will help you in the corroborating of your intent. 

Submission requirements and prerequisite CRS score assessment.  

Post validating eligibility and confirming it, the submission of the procured documents will be commenced through an online profile submission at  Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) portal.  This process is inclusive of validations upon a test determining your language abilities and a submission of an Educational Credit Assessment. Further needed documents are advised as per the Directory of the Government of Canada and we can provide you with the assistance.  Upon a successful submission of all needed information , you shall receive a Comprehensive Ranking System determined Score which is iminent with the basis upon which further processing will imply. 

Awaiting an Invitation To Apply ( ITA ) response. 

Determining further action upon receiving a CRS score by the IRCC will  proceed with a validation that shall invite you to apply accordingly to become a legitimate permanent resident in Canada. Every two weeks is the basis upon which an ITA access is warranted by a draw initiated  by the Government of Canada. The principal nature of receiving an ITA makes it immensely important for foreign skilled working aspirants who wish to become permanent residents. On the verdict of these draws, a selective no. of people with the highest CRS scores will be invited to be granted application access for a Permanent Residence.

 After receiving the respective receipt of an ITA, aspirants may comply to submit application confirmation within 60 days as advised by the Canadian Government. 

Electronic Application for Permanent Residence ( EAPR ) 

submission upon completion. 

Ensuring a flawless document submission is important within the 60 days bestowed by the government of Canada to proceed with the application submission. Ascertaining all relevant documents to the context is mandatory. Documents such as proof of saved funds, medical history and exam; and Birth Certificates are some of the few examples. Further required documents are advised accordingly by the government website of Canada.

This step also proves crucial , for applicable fees will imply upon you to validate the verification of your medical condition , background verification confirmation and the prime application fees. 

Once Completed and confident, the document submission will now be done. 

Awaiting Conclusion response by the IRCC 

Canadian laws satisfy expectations to process your profile in 6 months or less since the government establishes its motive to validate 80% of all application submissions within 6 months. You may wait accordingly during this period for the acknowledgement and outcome of your Express Entry application.

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