How to Start the Canada PR Visa process during the Corona pandemic?

In the times of the pandemic people who want to get the Canada PR visa may be confused. They will not know the complete details about the Canada PR Visa Process. There are travel restrictions and one does not know whether the application will be processed or not.

IRCC has issued guidelines for Canada PR visa applications:

  • The intake of new applications will continue
  • Those files that do not have complete documentation will be retained and will be reviewed within 90 days
  • If the new PR visa application does not have certain documents then the applicant will have to submit an explanation for the same. If the reason is related to the pandemic then the application may be promoted and reviewed within 90 days.
  • In case there is no explanation attached or if the reason for the failure to attach necessary documents is not related to the pandemic then there are chances that the application may get rejected.
  • In the case of a review of a reopened application, the applicant will have to inform the authorities via the web that he can travel. Only then the application will be reopened. But the applicant needs to have all the required documents for the same. In case the 60 day waiting period elapses and the applicant cannot travel then an explanation for the same has to be attached by the applicant.
  • There are bound to be new norms and new guidelines:

The current global situation is such that there are going to be new guidelines coming after regular intervals. There will be changes in the application procedures depending on the pandemic situation. No one can predict what will happen. Therefore, the best thing that one can do is keep a tab of the latest guidelines and then apply for the PR visa accordingly.

But this is something that the applicant may not be able to manage on their own. Here the applicant will need the services of Canada Immigration consultants.

This is how Canada immigration experts can help candidates in the times of pandemic:

The role of visa experts is no longer limited to just helping the candidate select the right visa category and explaining the basic process. It is much more than that. The immigration expert will also have to explain the new guidelines to the candidate. They will have to ensure that the application is completed properly so that the chances of rejection are less.

In case due to the pandemic, the applicant is not able to complete the application process then the immigration expert has to explain to the candidate what measures have to be taken so that his application does not get rejected. The ongoing pandemic has made it very difficult to apply for the permanent resident visas. But there is nothing to worry about if you choose one of the best immigration companies. Their experts will not just explain the Canada PR Visa Process but they will also tell you how to complete the procedure in the best possible way.

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