How long does the tourist visa process take?

Understanding the tourist visa process is very important when you plan to apply for the tourist visa of a country. There are many important things that you have to be considered like the documents that have to be submitted and the process that has to be followed.

Here are some important details about the visa application process of tourist visa:

  • You will have to submit your valid passport which has blank pages and a photograph which is as per the specifications.
  • There are different documents that you will have to submit and this includes a medical certificate to show that you are in the best of health and a police verification certificate to show that you have no criminal records.
  • You must prove to the visa authorities that you will leave the country before the visa expires. You also need to show that you have enough reasons to come back to your home country.
  • The applicant has to show that he has enough funds to support himself during his stay in the country and for this, he has to submit proof of funds. This can be in the form of a bank statement etc.

Any document that is requested by the visa authorities will have to be submitted by the applicant. Keep in mind that if the applicant fails to submit the requested documents then his visa application may even get rejected. The applicant must not miss out on any of the steps of the tourist visa process.

The time taken for the processing of the tourist visa:

The tourist visa processing time will be different for different countries. For example, the decision for a UK tourist visa you will get within 3 weeks. For a Canadian tourist visa, the processing time can be anywhere between 12 days to 27 days. In this way, the tourist visa processing time will vary for different countries.

One needs to get all the information about the time taken to process the application and then plan the journey accordingly. Also, make sure that you apply for the tourist visa well in advance so that you have enough time in your hands.

The best visa and immigration company can assist with tourist visas:

It is always better that you get in touch with the visa and immigration company if you want to apply for the tourist visa in a hassle-free way. The best visa and immigration company will check all the details and will provide correct information about the tourist visa process.

But for this, you have to make sure that you choose one of the best visa and

immigration companies. Choose a company that has been providing services for many years and has a customer-centric attitude. The company must have one of the best teams of visa experts who are well-versed with the visa and immigration formalities of different countries.

One such company is IRA immigration, which has been providing the best services for many years. IRA immigration has a very high success rate and they have one of the best team of visa experts.  Approach IRA immigration to get the details about the tourist visa process and you can rest assured that you will get the best guidance from them. For more information about tourist visas or any other type of visa connect with IRA immigration at the earliest.

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  1. Gurmit singhgill

    I have visitor visaofcanada 2018to2021 July according to my passport validity now in these days of I can not move to canadadue tocovid wants to make my new passport after making passport can I apply forvisitor visa stamp on newly passportonbehalf of oldpassporthaving validity up to July 2021 please tell me sir

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