Despite coronavirus, Canada needs immigrants

It is a time of crisis for the world. Coronavirus has created havoc across the globe in 2020. But even then Canada will want to have more immigrants. If you check with some of the Best Immigration consultants you will find that Canada has just announced its 2020-2022 immigration level plans.

Coronavirus is pushing the world towards recession. Every sector is going to bear the brunt of the virus. The Bank Of Canada has just announced an emergency cut in the interest rates. It must be noted that the bank had just cut the interest rate last week. Currently, there is a ban on traveling overseas, the stock markets have come crashing down and there is a state of emergency in many countries.

With all this havoc it is but natural to feel that the immigration plans of Canada are not all that important. However, for Canada, it is important that more immigrants come to the country in the next few years and help in the economic development of the country.

Some of us may feel that in such times of crisis when the labour market is down is it a good idea to have more immigrants? Well currently, Canada wants to fill the current vacancies. Secondly, Canada needs a greater number of immigrants for the future. It has a low birth rate and in the next few years, there will be many people in Canada who will reach the retirement age. 

Therefore, Canada wants more immigrants to come to the country during the moment of crisis and become instrumental in the economic development of the country. Labour force growth will surely help in giving a boost to the economy of the country.

If you check with some reputed Canada immigration consultants, they will tell you that Canada is working towards its better future. Therefore, the timing for the announcement of the immigrant plan may appear to be a wrong one. But it is not so. If Canada has enough immigrants only then in the future, they can get better economic development in the country.

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