Credential assessment will help you understand the Canadian educational system

Planning to move to Canada? Then obviously, you will have to submit your education certificates that are your degree or diploma certificates. Now there will be many of you who must not have studied in Canada. In that case, the question is whether your qualification is at par with the Canadian educational system?

Now how do we know if your degree is valid in Canada?

Canada has one of the best education systems and is known for some of its best universities that offer quality education. Naturally, when the Canadian government is inviting skilled workers to apply for the PR visa they will always choose foreigners who have either studied in the Canadian Universities or who have degrees that are at par with those from the Canadian University.

It is for this reason that when one is applying for the Canadian PR visa and if he has a degree that is not from Canadian University then it is mandatory to submit the Education Credential assessment.

So just what is the education credential assessment?

  • The Education credential assessment will verify if your degree or diploma from some other University is equivalent to a Canadian degree and whether it is a valid one.
  • If you are planning to apply for the Express Entry system then you will have to submit your Credential assessment
  • The highest level of education is assessed in this credential assessment
  • This credential assessment has to be done by bodies or organizations that have been designated by the Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada.
  • Only if your education is at par with the Canadian education then your visa application will be considered by the authorities.

Choosing the right designated organization for getting the credential assessment is very crucial. For example, in the case of Physicians, the credential assessment has to be done by the Medical Council of Canada.

How do you apply for the credential assessment with ease?

One of the easiest ways to apply for the credential assessment is by approaching Canada Immigration Consultants who have complete knowledge about the Canada immigration process. These experts will check the profile of the aspirant. They will check his education qualification and will tell him exactly how the aspirant needs to apply for the credential assessment. They will also tell him the body that the applicant needs to approach to get the credential assessment. The entire process will be explained to the applicant and he will also be guided for the same.

Choose only the best immigration expert for applying for the Canada PR visa:

Now you must choose only the best immigration consultant for applying for the PR visa for Canada. IRA immigration is one of the best immigration companies in India, which is known to provide the best service.

When you approach IRA immigration, they will check the profile of the candidate. They will check for which visa category the applicant is eligible. They will also check if he will have to submit the credential assessment and will tell him which designated body they need to approach and the process that has to be followed and how the report has to be submitted. The Canadian educational system is the best and so before accepting foreigners they insist on education credential assessment. For more details contact IRA immigration.

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