Comprehensive Ranking System for Express Entry explained

In 2015, the government of Canada came up with the express entry system which allows people to move to the cold country of Canada and enjoy the perquisites that are present after being a permanent resident. There are three programmes under the express entry program and they are very competitive. The immigration candidates are actually ranked against each other and the highest ranking candidates are selected to become the permanent resident of Canada. If you want to calculate your comprehensive ranking system score, you can easily take up various calculators that are given online and check out whether you are making the cut or not.

Let us know more about the programmes which are available under the express entry programme:

The first one is the Federal skilled workers program. The second one is the Federal skilled trades and the third one is the Canadian experience class. All of these programs have their own benefits and demerits. You can choose which program is the best suitable for you and then make the final choice of applying for one specific program.

What more is available on the internet about the express entry pool?

Any person who wants to move to Canada with the help of the express entry programme enters the express entry pool of candidates. All these people are given a comprehensive ranking score and they are ranked out of 1200. The person who has the highest score gets an invitation to apply and is given preference by the government of Canada.

What factors are important to boost your CRS score?

If you want to boost your CRS score, you should focus on your education, work experience, language proficiency and also your skill set. You need to have proficiency in English and French language. The language of French is not compulsory but it is always an added advantage if you know it. If we talk about the educational requirements, if you have a Canadian degree, you are given a lot of preference in the entire process. Any other degree needs to be evaluated and is then given points in the comprehensive ranking system. If you talk about the work experience, if you have Canadian work experience, you will again rank good in the entire system. If we talk about the skill said that is required, you must possess good skills in order to apply for the best express entry program. There are a list of occupations that are given out by the government of Canada that you must follow and then apply for the express entry program.

Let us understand a couple of points that are important to have a good Comprehensive Ranking System score.

Your age plays a very important role and your level of education is also very important. Apart from this, the official language proficiency and Canadian work experience is also very important. Your spouse also plays a very important role and inside of that, your spouses or your partner’s level of education, official language proficiency and Canadian work experience hold points.

If we talk about the minimum CRS score, you will need to get an invitation to apply from IRCC and only then you will be eligible to actually go for permanent residency in Canada. If your CRS score is above or equal to the minimum CRS score set in the draw, only then you will get an invitation to apply.

How to increase your score with the provincial nominee program?

If you are going for a provincial nominee program, you will not be having a lot of CRS points. When you are applying for this, you will get an additional 600 points because of the reason that you are applying through this program. And it is also important to know that if you get your permanent residency with the help of this program, you will have to stay in the province for a long period of time.

Summing up

Now that you know all about this, you can easily apply for the comprehensive ranking system and get to know about your score. In case you are falling short of certain points, reach us at IRA. Our service has made us the best immigration consultants in Delhi. Our work is driven on a dependable, holistic and transparent approach.

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