Canada Express Entry 2021

If you want to move to Canada, the term Canada express entry 2021. Express entry is one of the easiest and best ways for skilled immigrants to get a permanent resident Visa in Canada. This is because the express entry program is very transparent and opposite out of flexibility to people. Let us look at a couple of points that you need to understand before you go for the express entry program.

What is the Canada PR Express Entry?

First of all, you need to understand the concept of the express entry program. This is an online program which is very popular and is also one of the easiest and fastest methods to see permanent residency in Canada. People are and based on the score that they get on multiple factors. These factors are dependent upon their educational requirement, their work experience, their proficiency in English and French language and many more factors. After the people are ranked based on their score, they are given a specific rank in the entire process. Based on this, they are actually asked to apply for permanent residency.

Types of Canada PR Programs

The first one would be the Federal Skilled Worker Program. As the name suggests, this program is mainly for Federal skilled workers who have professional background and can usually move to Canada as they can generate a lot of income for the country and also they can contribute to the economy in the best way possible.

Canadian Experience Class

This is mainly for the people who have Canadian work experience and want to move to the country on a permanent basis and not on a job category basis.

Provincial Nominee Programs

There are various provinces of Canada that participate in this programme. These are usually the provinces that are not very popular and have shortage of labour. The score for these provinces for people who want to immigrate to Canada is a little lower than other provinces. They invite people to apply.

Quebec Skilled Work Permit

This immigration program does not require a valid job offer from a Canadian employer. This is for the province of Québec and people who know the language of French are given a lot of preference.

How can you boost your immigration score in order to immigrate to Canada under a very good program

If you want to boost up your comprehensive ranking system score, you should score a very good amount of marks in the English proficiency test. Apart from this, you can have Canadian education experience as the economy of Canada favours people who have studied there. They are given a fair advantage over others.

Summing Up

Now that you know all of this, in case you want to immigrate to Canada and get permanent residency there, you should easily apply after securing all of your documents and consult a very good Canada immigration consultant.

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