Canada expects 500,000 new immigrants by the year 2025

Canada’s next 3 year plans on welcoming immigrants to the nation is determined by the guide of the Immigration Levels Plan.

Canada as a nation is one of the best destinations to seek a purpose within establishing life in a new country inclusive of opportunities in Jobs and Amenities that the dwellers in the nation will benefit from. As immigrant policies in regions throughout the world are diverse and dynamic, a lack of a consistent admission into these respective nations can be unpredictable and tough. However, the nation of Canada presents precise numbers expected by the government and its cooperatives in estimating the admissible amount expected to come work and live in the country. This ascertains a preface that is highly desirable and positive for aspirants who seek to live in Canada and pursue their immigrant dreams and ambitions. Canadian Immigration Authorities have released their respective Immigration Plan for the year 2023-2025. Canada aims to welcome approximately 465,000 new immigrants in the year 2023.Moreover, the established target will rise to 485,000 new immigrants by 2024, and shall further rise to 500,000 new immigrants by the year 2025. 

Canada has outdone its very own immigration record by welcoming well over 405,000 immigrants in the year 2021 and is also looking to welcome nearly 432,000 immigrants this respective year. The Immigration Level Plan provides guidelines on the number of immigrants Canada achieves to welcome every year. Canadian immigration goals include strengthening the economy, reuniting parted families, and offering humanitarian asylum to refugees fleeing hardship from nations abroad.

The Immigration Strategy of Canada

Canadian workforce and job vacancy is propositioned in a unique state in these times where currently there are labor shortages alongside almost one million job vacancies.  Both are respectively the driving factors in the country’s workforce demise and its subsequent growing immigration targets.

Various labor shortages are fueled by Canada’s low birth rate of 1.4 children per woman, which is one of the lowest globally. Due to the evident demise of a natural increase in the population , immigration will soon be the sole prospect that Canada’s population and labor force will have to comply with to grow. New Immigrants however are also expected to maintain a strong tax base, which is a key factor in Canada’s efforts to provide essential services such as education and healthcare.

The Canadian government announces the Immigration Levels Plan each year by November 1 as per the Immigration and Refugees Protection Act (IRPA), which is respectively Canada’s chief immigration law. 

PNP and Express Entry Targets to rise

Majority of the existing permanent residents immigrated through various economic class programs inclusive of those within the Express Entry System or through Provincial Nomination Programs .

Respective targets for Express Entry landings like the principal applicants, their spouses, and their dependents will grow as follows ;

  • 82,880 in the year 2023
  • 109,020 in the year 2024
  • 114,000 in the year 2025

The Provincial Nominee Program will remain as Canada’s top and leading admissions program for many economic class immigrants. Hence, the targets shall also increase to:

  • 105,500  in the year 2023
  • 110,000 in the year 2024
  • 117,500 in the year 2025

PGP Admissions to be Higher

The Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada also has a mandate to reunite parted families. Following the economic class programs, Family Class Sponsorship is the second leading permanent residence class set by the Immigration Levels Plan. Within family class immigration programs, applicants are accordingly sponsored for permanent residence by a spouse, partner, children, or other family member.

Canada will welcome some 80,000 new immigrants per year under the Spouses, Partners and Children program.

Targets for Parents and Grandparents Program shall rise to 28,500 in the year 2023, followed by 34,000 in 2024, and 36,000 in 2025.

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