Biometrics no longer required for some Canadian immigration applicants

If you have submitted your biometrics in the last 10 years then you will no longer have to submit your biometrics for the PR application. This is a new announcement that has been made by the Canadian visa authorities and you can check the veracity of this with leading Canada Immigration Consultants.

Due to the ongoing pandemic the Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) was allowing delay in the submission of the biometrics in the case of some applicants. It is still not very clear as to when the biometric centres across the globe will become fully operational.

Due to this many applicants have got affected. Some applicants had submitted the biometric details in the earlier application. There are a large number of applications that are not being processed due to the biometric problem.

The eligibility and the effective date:

The IRCC has made this announcement of 10th September 2020 and it has come into effect from 22nd September and this rule will remain in effect indefinitely till further announcements are made.

The candidates who are eligible for this are the ones who have a pending Canada PR Visa application or have submitted a new application or the ones who have submitted their biometrics to the authorities in the past 10 years.

Those who are applying for a Canadian visitor visa, work or study permit (except U.S. nationals), refugee or asylum status, permanent residence, a visitor record, or to extend their work or study permit have to submit the biometrics. But due to the COVID-19 pandemic, things have become difficult.

In biometrics, the applicant has to submit fingerprints and photographs and they also have to pay fees for the same. When the applicant enters Canada this information is cross-verified. This information is to confirm the identity of the foreign national.

Whether you are applying for the Express Entry system or any other visa category you need to check if this new rule is applicable to you. If you are not very sure what needs to be done then you can connect with leading visa experts who can provide the assistance that you require.

For this, you can get in touch with IRA immigration. They are one of the most prolific visa and immigration experts for Canada immigration. They have a high success rate and have well-trained visa professionals who have all the latest information about Canada immigration rules and regulations.

You can give the details about why you want to migrate to Canada and you can also give the details about your profile. The experts will study the details and will help you choose the correct visa category. They will also tell you the formalities associated with the visa category and will help you complete the same. Due to the current pandemic, IRCC is making many new announcements and changes. It is therefore better to connect with one of the leading Canada Immigration Consultants who can provide the best assistance to you.

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