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General visitor visa

An overview of the General visitor visa for the UK

For visiting your friends and family residing in the UK or visiting the country for the purpose of vacation, a general visitor visa can be attained. This visa allows its holder to stay in the United Kingdom for a short period of time.

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Who can apply?

  • Citizens from the European Economic area.
  • People wanting to visit the UK for a vacation or for visiting their friends, family, and relatives.
  • People who need to donate their organs to the relatives or the family members living in the UK. The friends or relatives who need organs should have a legal reason to be there.

Find out your Eligibility

For attaining a general visitor visa, the applicant needs to fulfill the following requirements

  • He or she should be at least 18 years of age
  • The nature of the visit should be temporary and should not be for study or work.
  • Documents to support that he has substantial finances to return and settle in his home country. He also has to prove his social and economic ties in his home country to strengthen his reason for the return.
  • He also needs to demonstrate his financial ability to support himself and the dependents during his stay in the UK.

If you fulfill the above criteria, then you can apply for a general visitor visa. Once your application is selected, you will be required to appear in an interview with a consular officer.

Documents required at the time of the interview

The applicant needs to have the following documents in a proper order while appearing in the interview

  • A valid proof of the citizenship in the home country
  • A latest passport
  • Travel identification
  • Color photographs of passport size
  • Bank statements or payslips to support the financial stand
  • A detailed itinerary accentuating your travel and stay plans in the UK
  • The documents have to be in the UK accepted language which is English, if some other language is used, then the applicant needs to get them translated in English.

How to apply for a general visitor Visa?

For applying for a general visitor visa, contact us immediately. We are one of the fastest growing visa agencies. Our team of experts is highly experienced and qualified in the demesne of visa acquisition. Their legal and jurisdictional expertise will serve your cause efficiently at a very reasonable price.

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