Canada Working Holiday Visa

Important Features Of Canada Working Holiday Visa

You can facilely exploit the work and travel opportunities in Canada by acquiring a Canada working holiday Visa. A candidate has to fulfill the following requirements to be eligible for this visa.

  • Have a valid passport of a country which has a bilateral agreement with Canada. There are 30 such countries.
  • The validity of the work permit cannot exceed the validity of the visa. During the period of stay in Canada, the visa needs to be valid.
  • Have a set limit of the finance to cover up the initial expenses of stay in Canada.
  • The applicant needs to take a Medical examination and prove his physical and mental health.
  • The applicants cannot be accompanied by his dependents.
  • The age limit for this visa varies for different countries, generally it is 18 years to 30 or 35.
  • The applicant should not have any crime history that will prohibit them from being admissible to Canada.

Choose from the following options for your Canada Experience

  • Working Holiday: It allows its holders to work temporarily while on a vacation in Canada.
  • Young Professionals: This visa allows to gain Canadian work experience.
  • International Co-op Internship: The students can take benefit from gaining work experience in their respected fields as a part of their curriculum.

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