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What makes IRA one of the most reliable Canada immigration consultants in Delhi?

Canada is one of the best places where you can immigrate with your family. Every year a large number of Indians apply for immigration to Canada. There are many reasons due to which people want to settle down in this country.

Listed below are some of the reasons due to which people want to immigrate to Canada:

  • Canada is a safe country where one can settle down with family
  • The country is safe for women and children. The crime rate in this country is very low.
  • There many good job opportunities for the people with the right set of skills.
  • The education system of this country is very good. Canada has globally recognised and reputed universities
  • The people of the country are very friendly and are willing to accept foreigners with open arms.
  • The country has one of the best infrastructures
  • One can lead a quality life in Canada

If you too want to become a permanent resident of Canada then approach us. We are considered as one of the top most Canada Immigration consultants in Delhi.

The time is right for applying for permanent resident visa for Canada!

Canadian authorities need a greater number of people with the right skills and qualifications to come to Canada. They want them to settle down in the country and they want them to contribute towards the economic development of the country.
This is the reason that Canada has come up with many different visa categories. This gives the aspirants different options to apply for the Canadian PR visa.

Apply for Permanent Residence Visa

Take a look at the immense advantages of becoming a permanent resident of Canada!

When you become a permanent resident of Canada you get to enjoy many benefits.

  • You can stay anywhere in Canada. You can work and study anywhere in the country
  • You get medical and social benefits just like the citizens of Canada
  • The permanent residents also get protection under the Canadian law.
  • Permanent residents can apply for the citizenship of Canada in the future.

Do you have plans to migrate to Canada? Then here is what you must do!

Canada immigration consultants in Delhi

  • If you have been planning to migrate to Canada then the first thing that you will need is the visa to move to Canada. You will have to apply for the permanent resident visa of Canada
  • The first step will be choosing the correct visa category. As already mentioned, that there are many different visa categories. You need to check you are eligible for which visa category. You have to check if you are eligible for that visa category. In case you end up choosing the wrong visa category then this can land you in trouble. There are chances that your visa application will get rejected.
  • One more thing needs to be pointed out here. That is Canadian authorities have different pathways for migrating to Canada. For example, students who are studying in Canada on Student visa can later on apply for the permanent resident visa. Or the skilled workers who want to work in Canada can apply for the point based Federal Skilled workers programme. Or those aspirants who want to settle down in a particular province in Canada can opt for any of the Provincial Nominee Programs.
  • Every pathway and every visa category will have its specific requirements that have to be fulfilled. Here we will consider the example of the Federal Skilled worker Programme.
  • This programme is based on the point based Canada Express entry system. In this case the applicant has to first create an Express entry profile. This profile can be created free of cost. Now the profile will be given points based on the different factors. These factors are age, education, skill sets, work experience, English and/or French Language proficiency test scores etc. 
  • The aim of the candidate has to be to score as many points as possible. This is because based on the number of points the profile of the candidate will be given ranking. Higher the ranking better will be the chances of the candidate to get selected for getting the invitation to apply for the draw. 
  • Now there are some factors like age on which the candidate has no control. But he can score more points in aspects like education, language proficiency etc. 
  • The candidate also has a chance to score additional points. For example, a candidate from the express entry pool of candidates can apply for the provincial nomination. If this candidate gets the provincial nomination then in that case, he will get 600 additional points. This will almost ensure his selection for applying for the permanent resident visa.
  • Now at periodic intervals the Canadian authorities hold express entry draws. In these draw the authorities will select candidates based on the cut off points and these candidates will be sent invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa.
  • Once the candidate gets the invitation to apply for the visa then he has to submit his application form along with all the documents within the stipulated time frame.
  • Every visa category will have its process. Here we have mentioned only the procedure that has to be followed for one of the most popular Canadian visa categories that is Federal Skilled Worker programme.

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Sanjeeda Khatoon

I got my Canada permanent resident visa approval, I’m very thankful to IRA Immigration team specially kanika ma’am, she always keeping in touch with me and resolve all my queries and help me to get my Canada PR Visa. Once again thank you so much IRA Immigration team.

You cannot afford to miss out on documents!

For every visa category the candidate will have to complete certain online and offline formalities. He will also have to submit many documents. Some of the documents that the candidate will have to submit in the case of most of the visa categories are as follows:

  • Valid passport and photograph which is as per the specifications
  • English and/or French language tests results
  • Education certificates like degrees and diploma certificates
  • Work experience papers, reference letters from employers etc
  • Education credential assessment certificate to prove that the degrees, diplomas etc of the candidate are at par to that of the Canadian Universities. This assessment has to be done from the designated authority.
  • Health certificate to show that the candidate is in the best of health
  • Police verification certificate to show that the candidate is of good character and that he is not a potential threat to Canada.
  • Proof of funds that is bank statements, share certificated etc

These are some of the common documents. Besides these documents there are chances that the visa authorities may ask for some additional documents depending on the visa category etc. The candidate must submit all the documents that are requested by the visa authorities.

Reasons for rejection of Canada PR visa application:

Every year many visa applications get rejected. This rejection can be due to many reasons. There is a possibility that the candidate may not be eligible for the visa category that he has selected. There are also chances that the applicant may not have completed the procedure properly. The candidate may have not submitted some documents etc. 

Keep in mind that if the visa application is rejected then the applicant will have to go through the entire process of applying for the visa all over again. This can be one of the most tedious things as it is very tough to complete the entire process.

If you do not want your application to get rejected then you have to make sure that you choose the correct visa category. After choosing the visa category make it a point to understand all the requirements of that visa category. Once you have understood the requirements then next check how you can fulfil all these requirements. Make a list of all the documents that are needed and check what is the procedure to get all the documents. Take your time to understand all the formalities properly.

For a person who is applying for the first time it can be very difficult to complete the Canada immigration process in the right way. There are bound to be mistakes and there are bound to be queries and difficulties. Therefore, the candidate must find the best way of completing the formalities properly.

The easiest way to complete the process of applying for the any of Canadian visas is by choosing the services of the best Canada Immigration consultants in DelhiYou can rely on the us. That is on IRA immigration which is today one of the top consultants in India.

Why choose IRA immigration?

If you look around you will find that there are a large number of visa and immigration companies. But all of them are not genuine. Therefore, you have to make sure that you select only the best visa and immigration company like IRA immigration which is known to provide the best services.

We have been providing visa and immigration services from past many years. The quality of our service is considered to be one of the best in the industry. We have a dedicated team of visa and immigration consultants for Canada immigration. This team of consultants is well versed with all the important visa formalities. In case there are any changes in the visa formalities then these experts make sure that they get the details about the same. This means that the customer will always get the correct information about the different types of visa categories.

One of the best ways to fathom the superior services that we offer is to check our success rates. We have successfully helped a large number of aspirants to apply for the Canadian visas. Many of them have successfully obtained the permanent resident visa for Canada and today they are settled in Canada. Many of our new clients have approached us as they have received recommendations about our services from our previous clients.

So, if you also want to apply for permanent resident visa for Canada then it is always better that you approach us and take assistance from our Canada immigration consultants in Delhi.

This is how our Canada immigration consultants will assist you:

  • One of the first things that has to be done is to select the correct visa category. For this our Canada immigration consultants in Delhi will first study the profile of the candidate. Factors like education, occupation of the candidate, objective of moving to Canada will be considered.
  • Next our best Canada immigration consultants will check for which visa category the applicant can apply. They will check for which visa category the aspirant is eligible. 
  • Once the visa category is selected then next our experts will give all the details about the formalities that have to be completed for that category. They will also tell him about the documents that have to be submitted. The applicant will also be given guidance on how to collect the various documents.
  • Once the documents are ready our experts will guide the applicant to complete the process step by step. That is if the candidate is applying for the Federal Skilled worker programme then the applicant will get assistance in creations of express entry profile, he will also be given tips on how to increase his points and get better ranking. If the candidate gets an invitation to apply for the visa then the experts will help him in completing the permanent resident visa application and we will also assist him to complete all the formalities. We will also assist candidate for applying for the provincial nomination. In short we are there to assist with all the online and offline activities in the visa application submission formalities.
  • In case the candidate is not eligible to apply for any of the Canada permanent residence visa categories then our immigration consultants will give him their honest opinion. They will also tell him how he can become eligible for a particular visa category.

It is because of the quality of services that we have provided that today we are one of the most preferred visa and immigration companies in the country. So, if you need any assistance for Canada visas then approach us. We can assist with not just permanent resident visas for Canada but we can also assist you for other types of Canadian visas like Canada tourist visa, study permit, temporary resident visa etc.

Wondering how to contact our Canada immigration consultants? Here is where we are located!

We are sure you are keen to avail to our services. We are located in Delhi. We have 2 offices in Delhi. Our corporate office is located in Janakpuri in Delhi. Our branch office is located in Nehru Place in Delhi. At both these places we have dedicated team of visa and immigration consultants for Canada immigration. The Canada Immigration consultants at both the offices have complete knowledge about the Canadian visa formalities and will provide all the assistance that the candidate needs for applying for the different types of Canada visas. We offer all types of visa and immigration services at both these places and the quality of our services are excellent at both these places.

If you are interested in approaching us and taking guidance from our Best Canada Immigration consultants then all that you have to do is call us. You can even walk into our office and speak to our experts. You will get the best assistance from our customer service team and our immigration Consultants. For more details give us a call right away or come and meet our visa consultants personally.

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