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Australia Skilled Subclass 190 Visa Points System

Australia Skilled - Sub Class 190 Visa Points System

Of the different types of permanent visa categories one of the most important ones is the Australia Skilled Sub Class 190. There are several benefits of this visa. This visa is also based on the point system. More the number of points better the chances of getting the visa.

The benefits of Sub Class 190 Visa:

  • This is a permanent resident visa
  • This visa holder can reside in Australia for an unlimited period.
  • This visa holder can travel in and out of Australia for any number of times. This can be done for a period of 5 years from the time the visa is given to the person.
  • The person can even study in Australia
  • The person can enrol for Australia’s State run healthcare programme.
  • The person can sponsor eligible family members for permanent residency
  • The person can apply for Australian citizenship

The point system for the Sub Class 190 visa:

If you wish to apply for this visa, then you will have to understand the Australia Skilled Nominated Subclass 190 Visa Points System. The applicant has to get at least 60 points in order to be eligible to apply for this visa. There are different factors on which these points are dependent.

The factors on which this point based system is based:


The applicant has a chance to score as many as 30 points based on his age. There are different age groups and points are awarded as per the age group. The day when the invitation was sent to submit the petition is the day from which the age is counted.

English language skills

It is very important to know English language if you want to migrate to Australia. In fact, it is one of the criteria for the point system. Based on the proficiency of the candidate in English language he can score up to 20 points. The scores of International English Language Testing System (IELTS) are considered for this.

Skilled employment

Skilled employment can help the person get as much as 20 points. Skilled employment outside Australia and in Australia is considered for the same. The applicant must be working at least 20 hours every week in the said vocation to be eligible to get these points.

Educational qualification

The educational qualification of the candidate can help him get a maximum of 20 points. The person is given the points based on whether he has done a doctorate or he has a Masters or Bachelors degree from an Australian University or from any other recognised university. For assessing the skills from outside the country the word of the assessing authority for skills evaluation will be given importance.

Points for National Study

If the applicant has got some qualifications like degree or diploma in certain subject or subjects through an Australian institute then he may be given 5 points.

Credentialed Society Language

This is one more factor which can help the candidate get 5 points.

Steps to apply for the Sub Class 190 visa:

  • The applicant first needs to select the occupation from the Skilled Occupation List
  • The person must score the minimum number of points in the point based system. More the number of points the better will be the chances to get the invitation.
  • The person needs to submit the character and health certificate
  • The person needs to be below 50 years of age and needs to know the English language
  • The applicant then needs to complete the skills assessment test
  • The applicant then needs to submit expression of interest through Skills Select
  • The applicant then needs to get a nomination from the State or territory Government
  • Once the applicant gets an employer and a nomination then he can apply for the sub class 190 visa
  • Once the approval for the application is received the applicant will get his visa and he can start working in Australia

Consult IRA immigration for more details:

The point based system and the application procedure are pretty tedious and confusing. It is always better to get professional help. One of the best immigration experts that you can consult is IRA immigration. We have been providing services in immigration and visa consultancy from past several years. We have dedicated team of qualified and experienced professionals who are well versed with all the different requirements for visa for Australia. When you approach us we will first take into consideration your exact requirement and advice you accordingly.

We provide the following services:

  • All types of visa and immigration services
  • Advice on selection of correct visa category and correct occupation from the skilled occupation list
  • Complete details about all online and offline activities for visa procurement
  • Details about different documents that needs to be submitted along with the visa application

Keep in mind that the Australia Skilled Sub Class 190 is a nomination based visa and it is based on the point based system. It is important that the person tries to score as many points as possible to get the invitation to apply. Some of the factors like age etc of point based system are beyond the applicant’s control. But he can try to score more points in other factors like English language skills, skills assessment etc.

To get complete details about the Skilled Occupation list, Points system, documents, nomination requirements etc for this visa you must contact us at IRA immigration. We have successfully helped a number of aspirants complete all the visa formalities. Many of them have successfully received the visa and today are well settled in Australia. If you too wish to migrate and work in Australia then get in touch with our team right away. Just walk into our office and tell us about your requirement and we shall give you the correct guidance so that the chances of rejection of your application are reduced.

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