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Australia Skilled Subclass 190 visa: basic requirements

Australia Skilled - Sub Class 190 visa basic requirements

Australia has come up with a number of visa categories which will allow more number of skilled foreigners to come and work in Australia. They have some visa programs which are based on the point system. The aim of the candidate has to be to get more points. This will increase his chances of getting the visa. One important point based visa program is the Skilled Nominated Visa (Subclass 190).

Why must one opt for this visa?

Before we discuss the requirements of the visa it is important to understand about the benefits of this visa:

  • This is one of the best ways to become a permanent resident of the country. This visa is a category of the permanent resident visa for Australia
  • For a period of five years the person with this visa can move in and out of Australia as many times as he wants to. The period of five years is calculated from the time the visa is given to the candidate.
  • This visa lets the person live for as long as he wants to live in Australia. This visa lets the person study and work in Australia. The visa holder can study anywhere in Australia.
  • This visa makes the visa holder eligible to register for the State run healthcare program
  • The visa holder can even sponsor his family members but for this the family members must fulfil all the other required criteria.
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The Requirements for this visa:

If you wish to apply for the Australia Subclass 190 Visa then you need to fulfil some basic requirements. These are as follows:


Fulfilment of point requirements

The candidates who want to apply for this visa must note that this visa is based on points system. The candidate is required to get a minimum number of points if he wants to be eligible for this visa. The candidate has to score a minimum of 60 points in order to be eligible for this visa. These points are based on a number of different factors.


Age of the applicant

The candidate has to be less than fifty years of age if he wants to apply for this visa.  Depending on the age of the person the points are awarded. The points are given based on the age group to which the applicant belongs. The applicant can get up to thirty points in this category.


Language proficiency

If you want to apply for this visa then it is important that you are proficient in English language. You need to submit the scores of English Language Testing System (IELTS). Those who have good command on English language and have good scores in IELTS can get up to 20 points.



The educational qualification of the applicant is very important. The applicant must have at least a bachelor’s degree from an Australian University or from any other recognized university to be eligible to apply. If the person has better qualification like a Masters degree from a recognized University or a Doctorate from a recognized university then he will score more points.


Skills of the applicant

The skills of the applicant can give a boost to the applicant’s score. The person has to first of all select the correct occupation from the Skilled Occupation list. The candidate who has the right skill sets will surely have a better chance to score more number of points. The completion of the skills assessment test is mandatory to apply for this visa.


Factors that can get you additional points

If the candidate has a diploma or any other qualification from an Australian University then the candidate has a chance to get 5 extra points.  The credential society language factor can also help the candidate earn 5 points.


Other documents

The applicant is required to submit some other documents in order to apply for this visa. One of the documents is character or moral certificate. This is to certify that the person has no criminal records in the country where he is currently residing and that he is not a potential threat to the country. The other document that is needed is the medical certificate which certifies that the candidate does not have any serious health issues.


Nomination requirements

The applicant has to submit the completed application in Skills Select. Then the candidate needs to get a nomination from a State or from a territory. It must be noted that only when the candidate gets a nomination and a employer in Australia he can apply for this visa.

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