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Australia Skilled Nominated subclass 190 Visa

Australia Skilled Nominated subclass 190 Visa

If you are aspiring to work in Australia and are looking out for the visa categories and the formalities that need to be completed then you can come and discuss with us your requirement. We at IRA immigration can advice you on all types of visas to Australia like the Australia Skilled Nominated subclass 190 Visa which helps people work and live in Australia on a permanent basis.

What is a skilled nominated visa (Subclass 190)?

This visa gives the skilled workers the ease of living and working in Australia on a permanent basis. However in order to apply for this visa the applicant first needs to get nomination from a State or government run agency. Submission of Expression of Interest on the Skill Select Online Immigration Of Australia is also a must. This visa is based on the point based system and one needs to get a minimum of 60 points. On selection the applicant will get an Invitation To Apply ( ITA) for the visa. The applicant needs to apply within 60 days of receipt of application.

What are the requirements for Subclass 190 visa?

The key requirements for Australia Skilled Immigration Nominated Visa are as follows:

  • The applicant must be part of one of the occupations listed in the CSOL that is the consolidated skilled occupation list of Australia.
  • The applicant has to score a minimum of 60 points to qualify to apply for this visa. These points are based on a number of factors like age, qualification, proficiency in English language, State sponsorship etc.
  • The age of the applicant has to be under 50 years
  • The applicant has to do a positive skill assessment through a recognised authority
  • IELTS certification is a must and it has to be done as per the state and territory requirement.
  • The applicant must have the required work experience
  • The applicant has to submit the expression of interest
  • The applicant has to apply for State sponsorship
  • The applicant will have to submit medical and moral certificates
  • Once the visa is granted it is mandatory for the applicant to stay in the sponsoring Australian State or territory for at least 2 years

What are the benefits of the Subclass 190 visa?

  • The benefits of the subclass 190 visa are as follows:
  • One can live and work in Australia for an indefinite period
  • One can study full time in Australia. One can study in school and also pursue graduate, post graduate and vocational education in Australia.
  • The visa holder is also entitled to certain subsidised health benefits
  • The visa holder can get social security benefits. He or she is also entitled to social security payments
  • Once the visa holder has spent some time in Australia, he or she can apply for the citizenship of Australia. He or she will have to fulfil certain conditions in order to apply for the citizenship.
  • The visa holder can sponsor family members who are eligible for permanent or temporary residency of Australia

What are the factors on which the points are calculated?

A number of factors are considered for calculation of points. These include the age of the applicant, English language skills, overall work experience, work experience in Australia,partner skill qualification etc.

Why opt for IRA immigration?

For all those who are aspiring for the subclass 190 visa must get in touch with us at IRA immigration. We have a dedicated team of experts who will brief you on all the aspects that are involved in applying for the Australia Skilled Nominated subclass 190 Visa. Since this visa is based on the point based system, our knowledgeable team will ensure that they help you understand in detail all the factors that are considered for the point system. They will help you understand how you can score better. We can help you with all the documentation right from medical certificate and moral certificate to applying for State sponsorship programme. If you receive the invitation to apply then we can guide you with the procedure for applying for the subclass 190 visa. Always remember that we offer the best immigration consultancy services at competitive rates. So if you have visa and immigration queries just call us right now and we will more than happy to assist you

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