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Australia Business Sub Class 888

Australia Business - Sub Class 888

Are you holding a provisional subclass 188 visa and now you want a permanent resident visa? Then you need to look at the option of Sub Class 888.

The main features of the visa:

  • This is a State nominated visa.
  • It is for those people who already have a provisional sub class 188 visa and they now are looking for the option of a PR visa
  • The nomination requirements are similar to the stream under which the person had applied for the provisional sub class 188 visa.
  • The validity of this visa is five years.

A look at the different streams:

Just like the provisional visa here too there are different streams:


  • The Business Innovation stream is for those people who wish to start a new business in South Australia or who want to bring an existing business into South Australia.
  • The Business Investment stream is for those people who are willing to invest minimum AUD$1.5 million or more for four years.
  • The Significant Investor stream is for those who are willing to invest a minimum of $5 million in complying investment for four years.

The requirements for the visa:

The Business Innovation and Investment subclass 888 (permanent) requirements are as follows:


  • Those applicants who need nomination to apply for this visa have to fulfil the requirements of both the State and the Department of Home Affairs. The requirements for both are different.
  • The first thing that the person needs to do is submit an application to Immigration SA for a second state nomination.
  • Then the person has to apply for the subclass 888 to the Department of Home Affairs

The South Australian Nomination requirements:

  • The applicant must have a provisional innovator visa nominated by South Australia.
  • The applicant must fulfil the requirement of Home Affairs 888 innovator stream
  • The applicant must have a business in South Australia and must be residing in South Australia for minimum two years before submitting the application.
  • Depending on your age, type of business and location the applicant will have to give evidence for the benefit of State requirements. For detailed description about these requirements you need to get in touch with us at IRA immigration.

The documentation requirements for the visa:

  • Valid passport and a copy of the passport page which has your personal details
  • The applicant also needs to submit completed and signed form 1414
  • It must be noted that there are specific documentation requirements for each of the streams. The applicant has to make sure that he submits all the documents at the time of application. To get a complete list of the documents that need to be submitted along with your application you must contact us at IRA immigration.

How to apply for the visa?

First of all check if you meet the eligibility criteria. Then you must see if you have all the required legal documents for applying for the visa. Next you will need to fill up an online application for State nomination. If you get a State nomination then you will get the Form 1414 which has been signed by the State Government. You will have to attach this form to your visa application.

Get in touch with IRA immigration for the correct details:

As you can see the requirements for this visa are very complex. There are a number of documents that need to be submitted. The documents that have to be submitted depend on the stream under which the person is applying. For getting the perfect guidelines on the subject you must consult our experienced immigration experts at IRA immigration. They will be able to guide you in the best possible way. Right from providing details about the eligibility factor to the documentation requirements, you can expect the best services from our skilled and knowledgeable experts at IRA immigration.

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