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Visiting to do business

An overview of the standard Visa for the UK for a Business visit

If you need to visit the United Kingdom for the purpose of conducting a business. Then you need to apply as a business visitor. The business visit can include attending the conferences or interviews, conducting site visits, delivering goods in the country, signing or negotiating contracts, and arranging deals.

Who can apply as a business Visitor?

  • People visiting for Academic purposes
  • Doctors visiting the UK for the purpose of observations, clinical attachments, or PLAB test takers.
  • Trainers, consultants, and advisors of the company which has a branch in the United Kingdom.


It is advisable to take a legal expert’s advice to know whether your purpose falls into the business category or not.


You need to fulfill the following requirements for qualifying for the interview process


  • The applicant needs to have documents supporting the fact that his visit is temporary and strictly business.
  • The applicant also needs to demonstrate his finances are strong enough to support his stay in the UK and his return to the home country. A substantial proof of his economic and social ties should also be given to show that he has a reason to return.

Documents required at the time of the interview

If your application is in order and gets qualified for an interview round, then the following documents are required to take the process further.


  • A proof of citizenship and a passport
  • An invitation letter from the UK organization, firm or an association, you have a business with.
  • Letter from your employer stating the details such as your position in the company, the purpose of your visit, its duration and other significant details.
  • If you are self-employed then documents supporting your credibility and financial stand.
  • The complete itinerary detailing your travel and stay plans.


The maximum period a business visitor is allowed to stay in the UK is 6 months. In case, your visa grants you the permission to stay for a period less than this, you can apply for an extension. The visit can be stretched for 6 months at maximum.

Apply as a business visitor now

For applying as a business visitor. Reach us immediately. Our expert team will get back to you in no time with the best of the advice and recommendations. Our services are designed to help you embark on your journey of ambitions. Our quick process with no hidden costs is the best buy for your money.

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