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In detail procedure about Canada Express entry from Delhi


The number of people from the National capital who are migrating to countries like Canada is rising. The main reason for this is the best quality life and plenty of job opportunities. In case of skilled professionals there is a very good provision for applying for the permanent resident visa. They can explore the option of Canada Express entry from Delhi.


An account about applying for Canada Express entry from Delhi and other cities:


  • This programme is mainly for skilled professionals who want to work in Canada.
  • The main objective of the Canada Express entry from Delhi and other places is to invite more skilled workers to work in Canada.
  • It mainly aims at getting skilled professionals in to the country who can contribute towards the economic development of the country.
  • This is a point based system. The candidate applying under the Canada Express entry from Delhi needs to score points based on different parameters. The candidate with most points has better chances of getting an invitation to apply for the permanent resident visa.Canada Express entry from Delhi


Factors or parameters for Canada Express entry from Delhi:


Here are the parameters on which the Canada Express entry from Delhi is based.


  • The age of the person is the first parameter. The candidate needs to be in the age group of 18 to 46 years, If the candidate does not fall under this age group then he will not get any points under this parameter, He needs to try score more points in other parameters.
  • The language skills of the person will also help him get valuable points in the Canada Express entry from Delhi. He needs to be proficient in English and/or French languages. He needs to appear for language tests and submit the scores for the same.
  • Education of the person is also an important parameter. Better the education better will be the points. Candidates who have qualification from foreign universities will have to submit the education credential report.
  • The skills of the person will also help him earn points. The candidate needs to submit skills assessment report.
  • The work experience of the candidate in the relevant occupation will also help him earn points.
  • Adaptability, knowing both the languages, having parents or siblings as permanent residents or citizens of Canada will also help in getting additional valuable points.


For further details on Canada Express entry from Delhi contact IRA immigration:


If you are interested in getting details about the Canada Express entry from Delhi then contact IRA immigration. They have a team of dedicated immigration experts for Canada immigration. They will be able to provide you with the correct information. They will also provide assistance in all the online and offline activities. They will also give you tips on how you can elevate your express entry scores smartly.

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