Canada is one of the few developed countries where you can apply for permanent residency. It is the favorite destination of many immigration applicants as they to seek to work and live in Canada with their families. The Canada immigration PR visa is highly desired as the IRCC has flexible laws which make getting PR easier than other countries.


For the aspiring immigrant, The Citizenship and Immigration Canada provides over 60 different programs. The immigration program is points based and candidates are nominated based on the comprehensive ranking system (CRS).


What is Canada PR visa card?


The Canada immigration PR visa card allows you to work and live in Canada. You will have the option to settle anywhere in Canada based on the type of visa you get. The card is a proof that you are

If you are a skilled worker who wants to move to Canada for better prospects then you have many options. But if you check with Best Canada PR Visa Services in Delhi they will tell you to opt for Express entry programme. You can check with Best Canada PR Visa Services in Delhi the exact procedure for applying for this programme.   The method of applying for express entry:  

  • The express entry programme involves many steps. It is therefore better to get in touch with Best Canada PR Visa Services in Delhi to know about the procedure.
  • You will first have to create an express entry profile for this purpose.
  • This is a point based system. Your aim has to be score more points, This is because more the number of points better are the chances of getting the invitation to apply for the visa.

Large number of tourists from across the world visit Canada every year. If you ask any immigration consultants in Delhi they will tell you that the number of Indian tourists visiting Canada is also very large. The main reason for this is the beauty of this place. There are a number of beautiful places that one can visit here. In order to visit Canada as a tourist you will have to apply for a tourist visa. For the formalities you can always get in touch with immigration consultants in Delhi.  

Understanding the requirements for the tourist visa from immigration consultants in Delhi:


  • You will need a valid passport and any other travel document
  • You will have to provide the proof that you have enough funds to support yourself during your stay in Canada.
  • Sometimes you may have to provide details about your accommodation etc.
  • You may

With India moving to the forefront of IT and technology in general. The skills sets of Indian IT and other management professionals have made headlines world over. Most foreign countries are looking for individuals with these skill sets and are now providing attractive immigration programs to lure in professionals. Canada is one country with large requirements for individuals with certain skill sets. Canada provides over 61 different immigration programs aimed at bringing qualified professionals from all countries to Canada. There are several ways you can apply for Canada PR form Delhi, but the most popular options are the Canada Express entry program and the Provincial nominee program. Let’s have a look at both these programs and determine the one that might suit your best: The Express entry program. The express entry program was introduced by the Canadian government in 2015 to ease the visa application system and streamline the overall

The Canadian government has recently introduced a multi immigration plan that aims to admit close to 1 million immigrants by the year 2020. The newly adopted plan also aims at bringing at least 300,000 immigrants by the end of 2018.   This brings new hope to Indians who are planning to migrate to North America. Ever since the issues with the H1 visa for the US, there has been a good amount of applicants for Canada PR.   The Canadian government has recognized this need and are planning to bring educated professionals to their country to fill in for skills that are not abundant.   The Canadian government also helps in laying emphasis on family reunification for which is a plus for every applicant.  

What makes Canada great?


A safe and sound community

  The crime rate in Canada is going down year by year. It is now

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